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  • Yes, regular auction style preferred.

    7 38.89%
  • Yes, reverse auction style preferred.

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  • No, I'll stick with another auction system.

    2 11.11%
  • Maybe, I'd have to see it working first.

    9 50.00%
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    If we added an auction, would you use it?

    If we added a FULLY FEATURED auction system with many of the popular functions as other auction sites, like buy it now and feedback ratings, would you HONESTLY use it? We would not have any listing fees and have more Star Wars categories. This would be a "community" driven auction system just like how our forums are. We are not trying to complete with other auction systems, just trying to provide a place for our community.

    Don't want a regular auction? What about something slightly different like a reverse auction?

    Please tell me your thoughts on this.
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    I'd be all for a regular auction system on these boards.. Im not really sure what a reverse auction system is..

    It would be a great way to list off all the doubles, or anything extra we pick up knowing fourmites would love to have one as well..

    I would think that since this place is pretty anti-scalper, it might make it a nice place for all of us to throw on figs at ACTUAL costs n such. We all know what a given price is for justa bout everything.. so it be fun to see who puts up a Jorg Sacul for a buck, as to not get flammed.. ( yeah right.. )

    but seriously, you all know you have extra stuff you'd like to dump - we all start everything off for a buck.. at least the basic figs n such. maybe a spot for the HTF stuff. or the extremly HTF stuff.. just brainstorming here.

    I think itd be great.
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    I'm all for it.I have no idea what a reverse auction is,but a regular-style auction system would be welcomed by myself.

    I agree with Tonysmo that it will be a great place to throw up extra finds and such,since at times the classifieds take a bit of digging to find what you need.Second,with feedback,more people might start trading/buying/selling because the reputation would be at a glace,and one wouldnt have to worry as much about who your dealing with.
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    Sounds like a great idea to me sirsteve, I've been trading, buying, and selling with other members here for a while now and it's been working great so far without the auction system. Here's my question: How do we keep scalpers off the site that would try and take advantage of the possible new feature? I for one think that most of the long-term members would never try to do this, but there are others who might just sign up to list their items at outrageous prices etc. I think members here that already have completed many successful trades/buys/sells would continue to do so, but newbies should either have to send payment/goods etc first to gain trust from the already trustworthy members. Just food for thought.

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    What exactly would be auctioned here? Are you talking about SSG members putting their own items up or are you talking about SSG promotional items? Or both?

    For me, like an eBay auction, I only bid on stuff that I want (and can afford at the time), so to say "yes" is conditional on what stuff is offered. The thing could go on for months before I see anything worthy of bidding on, but if the system isn't in place, then it's a guarantee that I'd never use it. Right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid
    What exactly would be auctioned here? Are you talking about SSG members putting their own items up or are you talking about SSG promotional items? Or both?
    Star Wars Collectibles of any kind. ebay has 3 sections for toys, we would break it down more and offer other things ebay chargers for. Reverse auctions are more for services but can be for products. It's mostly for buyers. The buy puts how much they are willing to buy something and a seller will post what they are willing to sell it for and the buyer picks the one they want.
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    I voted "Maybe..." but I would probably use it. I haven't sold or traded anything online yet, but I've bought from e-bay.
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    Thumbs up Great AUCTIONS!!

    That's great,we know who we are buying or trading from.I would like to see a regular auction.If this go's over,what time are we going to see the auction system?Also would there be a Non-Star Wars section?If so is there going to be a fee on the Non-SW section?Also Is going to be like ebay with feedback and a list of the members auctions?On the other it sounds good,I just can't wait to see it working.

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    I personally cannot stand to part with any portion or item in my collection no matter how silly the item might be. I do think it would be nice to have something like that for people who do have items to sell, and I might even buy an item or two!
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    Not a bad idea, SS. I'd want to see it in action first. If it worked out I'd try it just to avoid any auction fees.

    Perhaps we could restrict it, if needed, to members who have been around so long or have participated somewhat actively in the forums to keep out any scalper riff-raff.
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