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    Best collection?

    Ok, have you seen somebody's collection and was totall impressed with the way it is displayed? Or do you have your collection displayed in a cool way? My two votes go for Boba binks (he does have a website on his collection) and Phillip Wise's collection on
    I would post mine, but mine are in boxes so I cant count. However these two gentlemen are impressive with theirs. I swear Boba binks is a star wars musuem!!!
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    Give us the URL for BobaBink's collection please. I'd like to check it out.

    I've seen Phillip's and his latest update. He has my dream come true (for my Star Wars collection) though I'd be more diorama orientated, versus carded stuff.

    My dream will be 8 or 9 rooms, each a different planet or color scheme - all figures in action, all enclosed. And 12" displays too!

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    Whoops forgot about that. Here we go its..

    if it doesnt come up first, refresh it. It should work then!
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    Thumbs up

    What can anyone say. That collection is truely impessive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    With all those things in his room so tightly placed together, one slight fall...

    Very nice indeed, his room is really crowded though. But still very nice.

    Envious? You bet I am.
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    Hmmmmmmmmmmm. . .

    The only thought that came to mind when viewing his collection was that he must not get Leiad (he he) alot. . .if at all. . .
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    Re: Hmmmmmmmmmmm. . .

    Originally posted by TheBigSloppy
    The only thought that came to mind when viewing his collection was that he must not get Leiad (he he) alot. . .if at all. . .
    LOL not bad,not bad...sure has alot of Gungans though
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    Hopefully I will be able to show images of my collection soon. Sith Worm has discovered yet another great way to display them in the limited space of my studio, luckily before we had a chance to utilize the method he was previously using for his collection. In a couple of weeks we will be fitting out the shelves and putting everything in place. Probably in about two months the studio will be back up to snuff and I can finally entertain guests and take a few pictures. Major improvements are in the works.
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    Due to space constraints I can't have all of my collection on display. That's the primary reason why I do dioramas and if you've seen all of them, then you'll have a fair idea of what I have. I also have the carded figures in storage boxes and those that are deemed rare/htf/expensive have been protected in the protech cases.

    You should take a look at Gus Lopez collection for the utmost vintage collection and the rest of the crew at the Star Wars Collectors Archive.
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    Impresive, most impresive. I gotta scan some pictures of my mamoth wall of 3 inch figures. Have any of you (besides Cole) ever seen all the 3 inch figures (vintage POTF2 POTJ Epi. I around 650) displayed on one wall? I have every day. and one day you all will see it too! also you all have got to see my drawing of almost every single character in Star Wars with around 20 autoghraphs including Chewie Vader Ackbar R2 Boba 4LOM Jabba Owen Papaloo Yoda...
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