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Thread: Mace's Death

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    Mace's Death

    I know everyone's going to call me nuts for this, but I was just thinking about Jango, Boba, and Mace.

    Rumors for Episode 2 show that Jango will be decapitated by Mace. In an interview Samuel said he will return for Ep. 3 but like all Jedi, he's going to die. This is where I think I'm nuts.

    Maybe Boba kills Mace out of revenge for Jango. Perhaps Boba helps Anakin kill the Jedi and that's how they knew each other in "Empire". I know Boba is a little boy, but it is a shocking possibility.

    Of course, that's my theory.
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    Actually, I think Boba Fett is going to be around 16 in III.

    I had the same feeling a while back when they first started talking about Boba Fett in EII. It kind of makes sense then, that Boba Fett is a reliable weapon for Vader if needed. Hence ESB.
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    I brought this up in "Conflicts between jedi and love" But I think After Obi Wan and Anakin have their big battle in ACT II , padme is trying to escape Coruscant with the twins (that Vader doesn't know about.) The Jedi Temple has been invaded and only Mace, Yoda and Obi Wan make it out. (very cool fight scene where Vader takes out Plo Koon, Ki Adi Mindi and Eeth Koth in a 3 on 1 battle). The three remaining jedi realize all hope resides in the Skywalker children, so Mace and Obi Wan act as Decoys while Yoda gets padme off planet. Mace runs into a legion of Jedi hunting Stormtroopers and a vengeful 16 year old Boba Fett. After a climactic battle Mace "allows" himself to become one with the force (a la Ben in Episode IV) which to Fett appears as if he "disintegrated." Vader, who wanted Windu alive because he knows where Padme is, forever holds it against the young Fett and when ever he hires him he admonishes him with "No Disintegrations."

    Meanwhile decoy Obi Wan runs into then Dark Lord himself and after being easily overpowered, Vader lets him go (because technically he doesnt know where Yoda and padme are) on the condition "he is never to come back" it is his final act of compassion for his former mentor...

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    Question Hmmmm....

    You think Anakin might kill Mace...? After all, Mace was the one who announced they wouldn't train him.
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    Re: Mace's Death

    Originally posted by oafy-wan
    Maybe Boba kills Mace out of revenge for Jango. Perhaps Boba helps Anakin kill the Jedi and that's how they knew each other in "Empire". I know Boba is a little boy, but it is a shocking possibility.
    I was thinking the same thing,

    Jango finds Mace,Mace Fights Jango,Mace kills Jango,Boba finds Mace,Boba fights Mace,Boba Kills Mace,Han kills Boba
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    Where does the Boba/Han connection start? Do you think we'll see that in EIII? Probably not, but Lucas has been pretty strict on what the EU can tell about Han's past. Sure we see Han/Boba meet in Crispin's Han Solo Trilogy, but even then, they skip big parts of Han's life.

    I also heard a rumor that after Jango dies, Boba's on his way back to Slave I, where 2 Jedi are guarding it and Boba kills them. I think this was on TF.N a while back. If this is true, it shows that Boba can indeed kill jedis.
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    Originally posted by GNT
    Jango finds Mace,Mace Fights Jango,Mace kills Jango,Boba finds Mace,Boba fights Mace,Boba Kills Mace,Han kills Boba
    I like that theory as well... Boba avenges his fathers death by killing the Master Jedi Mace Windu, BOUNTY HUNTER STYLE...
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    I think that Han Solo is a clone, further antagonizing Boba Fett to hate him, as he is "solo" the one. The one loner who REBELS and isn't raised to follow the master's code - the programming laid down for all of JANGO Fett's progeny (cloned offspring).

    Boba Fett is obviously Slave-One, but Han is free and flying Solo.

    It makes perfect sense.

    And yes, I believe that Boba tries to kill Mace to avenge his father, but ROLLO TAMASSI's version rocks. Fett might fail and Mace Windu vanishes, proving in the prequel trilogy, that a Jedi attune with the Force can do just that - as later Obi-Wan and Yoda must. It is something we don't have room to talk about here, but something the Jedi must learn to do. Rollo, I hope George doesn't mess your story up. I like it a lot!

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    Thanks Tycho.

    I'm a little leery of growing attached to my "definitive" version of Episode III, but it's fun to extrapolate with what we "know."

    We know Anakin and Obi Wan have to fight. And Anakin has to lose.

    We know Padme has the twins.

    We know Yoda and Obi Wan escape.

    We know Dooku is alive at the beginning of the movie. (or technically, alive at the end of the second.)

    We know Obi Wan was a general under Bail Antilles.

    So from there we can surmise a lot of things. Count Dooku will have to be dispatched in order for Anakin to rise. How will this come about? Will Palpatine engineer it? Will Dooku allow it to happen for the good of the Sith? My theory was that the beginning of the film revolves around a giant Republic/Empire invasion of Dooku's Confederations last stronghold on a some exotic new world. Reminiscent of the Hoth invasion in ESB. We would get to see General Kenobi and Bail Antilles in action during the vaunted CLONE WARS. And we would get to see Anakin trouncing some serious Confederation booty. There is a final confrontation between Dooku and Obi Wan and Anakin. before his demise, he makes a cryptic comment about Syo Dias and Palpatine which makes Obi Wan suspicious of the Chancellor/Emperor.
    Obi Wan relates his suspicions to the Council (who have been suspicious of Palpatine for awhile) and to Padme. Padme goes to confront Palpatine who gleefully tells her (more for the audiences benefit than Padme's really) how he manipulated everything since the invasion of Naboo up until now to gain his unprecedented power. She rushes off to tell Anakin that his powerful benefactor is indeed evil. When she can't find Anakin, she goes to Obi Wan where Anakin finds them and "The Battle" commences. I originally thought Obi Wan and Anakin would be alone during their confrontation, but GNT brought up the intriguing and more dramatic possibility that Padme is present during the conflict and that she is wounded by one or both of them. This could lead to the reasons she does not live long after the births of the twins. Complications arise from the wound and the pregnancy.

    Mace will have to be dispatched. (I can't see him or the other main Jedi characters surviving the third film and never being brought up in the OT.) Mace and Boba have an unresolved conflict at the end of the second film. It must be resolved somehow in the third film or there was no reason for Mace to kill Jango in the second.

    Finally, I am still confused about whether Obi Wan knows whether there are, in fact, twins and when exactly they are born and how much time passes between Anakin's disfigurement. I am leaning to Obi Wan NOT knowing about Leia (thus his saying 'That boy is our last hope." in ESB). therefore the twins would be born out of his presence, perhaps on Alderaan (Giving George an excuse to use some of those wonderful production paintings of mcQuarries) where then Obi Wan shows up and takes Luke and and Yoda to Dagobah ("Something familiar about this place...") and then onto Tatooine to drop Luke off with Owen and Beru and walk off into the Tatooine sunset (as all great movies should end with a solitary figure walking into the sunset...)

    Does anybody have any continuity questions I may have overlooked? I'd like to think of this as a collaborative effort and This is, of course, a work in progress...

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    I agree with the idea of Obi-Wan possibly not knowing who Leia really is. His statement in ESB points directly to it. Maybe Yoda thought Obi-Wan was too great of a risk (he did train Anakin) and uses him and Luke as bait for Vader and Palpatine (hence keeping the Skywalker name). Meanwhile, Yoda oversees Leia's upbringing from afar, and maybe even uses his power to block her Force abilities from Vader on the Death Star in ANH.


    Maybe, Mace does live and is the one watching over Leia on Alderaan. He is obviously killed in ANH, but I wouldn't rule out Lucas filming more scenes and including Mace in Ep4.

    The only thing that is still knawing at me is why Yoda is on Dagobah. Ben goes into hiding pretty much in the open on Tatooine, but Yoda takes all these precautions to conceal himself. Which makes me wonder, is Yoda hiding from Palpatine or from Mace? Is he involved in some treachery in Ep2 or 3 that he feels the need to seek refuge from other Jedi? Whatever it might be, Obi-Wan obviously doesn't know about it and his cluelessness to Leia's identity shows that death doesn't provide all the answers. This is just a thought that came to me a few minutes ago, so feel free to shoot it down. The idea of Yoda being a traitor of some sorts is pretty disturbing being he's one of my favorite characters.
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