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    besbin duel luke

    I have a besbin duel luke variation which isnt listed on the database, mine has an extra hand, one in his wrist and one in the blister slot next to it. does anyonelse know of this variation?

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    Welcome to the Forums, Chewbacca's Comb.

    Ah, the double handed Bespin Luke. I heard of a few of these turning up. First of all, this should be posted in the 'Variation/Error' section of the forums. Someone will move it when they get a chance.

    Secondly, this technically would fall under the classification of an error. A variation is an intentional change during a figures production run. An error is a mistake made to a figure during the production run.

    Some people consider them to be worth a premium over a 'correct' figure. I am not one of them, however. Typically in my opinion, error figures are worth less then a correct toy.

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    You might want to show Thrawn a picture of the figure. He may post it on the main page of the site. Anyways don't take what Jar Jar said in the wrong way. What I think he meant is that there are carded collectors who are very big into that stuff and pay premium prices. However, Jar Jar would and other collectors could care less about the figure.
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    Yeah, I for one being a carded collector dont care about errors. If I happen toget one then great if not, oh well. I know I have a few from the saga line like the R2 and Dexter. I have the Mace deluxe with no foot holes as well. Welcome tothe forums BTW, hope you enjoy your stay. gift basket?
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