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    Blue and Green clones are out!!!

    Picked these up today from my local flea market. They only had one of each, and I paid $36 for both sets, but to me it's worth it, seeing as how I have yet to see anything but the Destroyer Droid launcher at retail.

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    Well I found myself the blue, but no luck ont he green yet.
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    Holy crap guys.

    I posted that I had a set of blue I would sell for cost but no one on here jumped at them, so I sold them on eBay. I have some other 2003 figures on there for cheap. If you're interested PM me.
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    I saw the Green set yesterday at Toys R Us with the Jedi three pack. Was the Green clone troopers actually in the movie, or was it just Red, Blue and Yellow?
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    The green clone can be seen very briefly on Kamino, when the troopers are lining up to pick up their helmets.

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    the green is somewhat common now in my area. there were 3 at a local meijers.
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    Can you pick one or two up for me... I will pay you or maybe a Silver Boba Fett..


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    I got the blue one in my set. It's not a bad paint job for an otherwise "thrifty" batch of figures.
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    In the Kamino marching scene, look closely - red, yellow, blue, and green clones are talking to each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hango fett
    the green is somewhat common now in my area. there were 3 at a local meijers.

    I could certainly use a set of the "green" clones. Can me make a deal for one? At cost, plus shipping and I'll through in a fiver for your trouble. Is that do-able for you?

    (There's NO greenies in my area. I think some scrub is snatching them all up.)

    LMK, thanks if you can. BTW, I live in Pittsburgh. (used to live in MI for a time, where there were plenty of Meijers to go around)
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