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    What's the Deal with these SILVER figures? Why do you like them?

    OK, I buy to open, and to display for dioramas.

    The only Silver figure I own was the one I got at this years Comic Con breakfast, which was cool and special because it is part of my memory of getting to chat with Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, and sit down and have breakfast with them, Steve Sansweet, Lisa Stevens, Paul and Jeff from Hasbro, SirSteve, the staff from Galact.Hunter and Rebelscm, and it was pretty good food and an overall cool experience.

    I didn't even try to buy the Jorg Sacul at Celebration 2 (not a silver figure, I know).

    The R2's kind of attractive and I've never seen the Vader in person, but now a Clone Trooper?

    When will they release a silver Jawa? How about a chrome JarJarBinks?

    I mean there is no special occasion for at least 2 of these figures: you bought a bunch of junk from Toys R Us: congratulations.

    I can do that without an exclusive figure. They could've done an exclusive on Mid-Nite Madness. That'd mark an occasion.

    Overall, these don't impress me. They pretty much lack detailed painting and who knows if they are articulated, because I'm betting almost no one opens them.

    So what is the point?

    Let me know and I'll step aside and cheer on the silver Ewoks!
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    Funny you should mention this topic, I picked up the Silver Boba Fett for a collector friend and he wants to paint various figures silver.

    I was at a TRU that "magically" found 2 cases of the Teebo/Boshek/R4 wave and I thought he would want a Teebo to paint silver also.....he declined...

    oh well any Teebo hunters in Milwaukee (aka Harley Davidson annex for their 100th anniversary) get to the TRU for the last two there.....

    Happy Hunting and Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    How about a chrome JarJarBinks?
    I'd buy that for a dollar!

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    I bought a silver R2 to go with my TC-14 and my senate figures then discovered the legs are on backwards so it's a worthless piece of poodoo. The blue paint in so thinly applied it's barely visible and it could be any old astro droid. I opened it because i don't see a reason not to. It's sparkly and stands out but still pointless. As are the other sparkly shiney things. I guess because it's exclusive (HAHAHAHAHA!) people get a sort of urge to own it. I used to feel that way, trying to grab stuff that was exclusive just to say i owned it but not any more. exclusive items are usually not worth the money. And rarely truly exclusive. Just more mass produced cheap plastic junk. Case in point - Imperial shuttle exclusive to FAO Schwartz. Exclusive? Really? could have fooled me.
    If people are thinkin the silver figures add something unusual to their collection then sure, but then there's the few thousand others who buy to resell. That's all exclusive means these days, license to scalp. I just started to collect other lines and I've found it's the same with everything, Exclusives aren't bought by real collectors to enjoy and cherish as a keepsake, they're mostly bought by greedy bastards out to make a sneaky buck on Ebay and thus deprive anyone with a real love of the stuff from getting one at the regular price. Exclusive means holding toys to ransom on Ebay. The laugh is though that most other companies actually make the product worth having where hasbro makes trinkets, cheap junk. They're laughing at collectors going nuts for silver junk. Cheap cheap silver junk. Looks like they aren't even bothering to chrome Boba fett or the clonetrooper, they just get a nasty spray of silver paint. Do it yourself with a can of Testors aluminum silver spray and save yourself the busted gut.

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    There is a very good reason to like these silver figures Tycho. At least one of them and that is the Toy Fair Darth Vader which I will get to in a minute. The other figures that are silver have no point to ther existence. I see why the collectors like them. The main reason I think is because they associate it with the TF Vader a rare figure. They have it in their minds the more silver figures they have the more like it would be to have a TF Vader. However, that will never happen in reality because they will never need a TF Vader.

    The only reason why I like these figures is to have a complete set of silve anniversary/silver figures. When I first saw the TF Vader I was floored. It was the most amazing toy, and still is, that I had ever seen since the vintage era. And I'm refering to the first pic that I had ever seen on the net. Before I actually had one. There have been other toys that I have seen on the net like Ephant Mon and that pictures did not impress me until I saw them in person. But this toy was amazing the moment I saw it. I went crazy and hoped to god that I could get one. The vintage black packaging and the way the lightsaber stook out symbolicaly (misspelling, I know) really made this an amazing figure. Obviously not an opener but by far the most amazingly packaged toy in history. And the fact that the Vader was chrome contrasted very nicely with the packaging.

    Since you mention Jorg Sacul I will tell you up front I don't think it is the greatest toy of all time but has some merit. I now only own five. This figure can double as a pilot and on top of that it was the first and probably the last as far as I'm concerned offical George Lucas figure. There may be other Lucas figures but they are all bootlegs. This figure is the real deal so it should make some sense that there are some people that really dig this figure.

    I hope this helps you Tycho.
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    I have the silver R2 because i like the way he looks different from my other figures. I have seen pictures of Vader but i dont feel the need to get one. I recently seen a Boba Fett at the local comic/scalper shop for $35. I dont think thats too expensive for him but right now i dont feel like i need one. But if they were to ever make a silver Gamorrean Guard...
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    I dont own any as of yet. I hopefully will have a silver Fett in a few weeks. The only reason I want that one is because it is Fett. I love the character and try to get all things Fett. If they release others that I like I will get them. If I ever come across a decently priced TF Vader, I willget that as well, but that wont happen unless I hit the Lotto.
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    Well what about timing.....another site has posted pics of the upcoming Silver Clone Trooper.....

    Thanks to overlord307 Mr. Ebay (Asia) for your new and overpriced but first to have exclusives...
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    The silver figures are for the 25th Anniversary (silver anniversary) I wonder if we'll get GOLD figures in another 25 years?

    I buy them because they look different, unique little conversation pieces. I also am a huge fan of the cardbacks. It's ALMOST a vintage style card, which is something I find very appealing.

    The only one I have opened, is the R2, only because I bought a basic figure (can't remember what it was), and they asked me if I wanted a silver R2. This store didn't get a lot of SW business I suppose, and just wanted to get rid of them.
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    Gold would be cool, I would dig a golden Chewbacca ... or Lando.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    So what is the point?
    There is no point, they're an even sillier luxury than the regular toys. A fetish's fetish ... shiny brittle tributes to these play things we all covet.

    I kind of wish Hasbro would do chase figures ... clear plastics or whatever ... like some of the Japanese toy companies do. Would mix things up a bit and make collecting a little more fun. (But I suppose it's hard enough to find regular figures as it is.)


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