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    Talking Favorite Blast Effect?

    I've been away for a while, because, due to the lack of new figures in my area, my interest in SW had begun to wane. But now, they are showing up in Target (Wish they'd show up in other stores too...) so I may post here a bit more often. Anyway, to start off my posts once again, I decided to do one just for fun. What is everyone's favorite blast effect? Simple as that... Oh, not to be mean but if you're going to say "None, hate them all" or something to that effect, then don't bother answering... My favorite is the fire and gunfire from Boba Fett: Pit of Carkoon. It completely makes the figure in my opinion. It's pretty much the reason I bought the figure! God knows I wouldn't have bought a quick-draw Boba if he didn't have something cool like this. It's one of the blast effects they did a really good job on in my opinion. Second place is probably Darth Tyranus's force lightning, which can look pretty cool sometimes. Well, that's mine, now tell me yours!
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    I like the R3-T7 blast effect to use on other figures.

    nope just kidding...

    actually the Aayla Secura very cool
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    Battle Droid's (though I use them on Jango's Slave 1's guns)

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    Although I'm in that "none" category, the one that I can somewhat tolerate is Jango Fett's pistol fire - they haven't warped nor have they warped the guns much, they're not oversized, and they can be attached to the guns of the Slave 1, though they're somewhat undersized for the muzzle fire there.
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    I can't remember her name, but the figure is sitting in front of me on the computer right now. She's one of the fightin' Jedi chicks, the one with the striped tentacle/horn thingies and a redish face. Her "blast effect" off the saber coupled with her stance makes for a pretty invigorating action figure experience.

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    I'm with "none" except I DO like the R3-T7 effect for Jawa blasted R2-D2!
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    I have to say that i am not a big fan of the blast effects. (just something to keep the figures more expensive) . But I do like the effect on boba fett and the pit of carkoon as well. I think that looks pretty awesome.

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    I'm with the none but the only good blast effect is the Boba POC one and only because it is the figure, unfortunately. What were they thinking it turned the figure into a statue. Actually my favorite is the lightning from the Emperor Flashback. The very first one ever made for a basic figure and the only neccessary blast effect in my opinion.
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    The Boba Fett Carkoon flame thing is hardly a blast effect in the "traditional sense" of blue lightning, red lipops or orange flashy stuff. I look at it as more of an alternate pack-in stand for the figure.
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    I like the effect with the R3-T7,because of the wide uses,fried Luke,fried R2Other than that,Hasbro could do away with all blast effects and I wouldnt miss them.
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