Just figured I'd post something about this store in case anyone was curious but didn't feel like waiting on the lines to get in...

Only SW merchandise they had as of this afternoon was a couple of Tie Interceptors and a bin chock full o' recent POTJ figs (first time I've seen more than 10 figs at a time anywhere in NYC). No FX-7 wave yet - bin consisted of Emperor's Wrath Vader, Luke X-Wing, new Han, Saesee Tiin, Amidala Theed, K-3PO, Mon Calamari, IG-88, and even a few Sandtroopers left toward the bottom of the bin.

For anyone interested in GI Joe stuff, they had a ton of the exclusive Headquarters at $59.99 a pop. IMHO, with the quantity they had it will be on clearance in another 6 months.

The store itself is a zoo since it's in Times Square (my advice is to go right when they open, or after 6:00 PM), but the anamatronic tyrannasaurus rex is kinda cool, and the ferris wheel is a nifty touch. Unfortunately it seems like more of a tourist attraction than an actual retail store, as the place was packed with people, but only saw three people standing at the cash register to buy stuff on the way out.