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    I'm with evenflow on this..... no more X-Men in the Marvel Legends line!

    X-men have their own line now, and if ToyBiz wouldn't do the stupid action features, they would be just as popular as Marvel Legends. Hell, you don't see any Spider-Man characters in the ML line, and same with the Hulk now that he has his own line. ML should be reserved for other parts of the Marvel universe (Avengers, Cosmic characters, etc...) IMO.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the mutants and look forward to owning the new Wovie, Cable, Deadpool, Jugernaut & Pheonix (especially Pheonix). But these guys should have been the next batch in the X-Men classics line. Then we could've gotten Thanos, Warlock, etc, etc...... Instead, we get 5 X-characters, and will get 5 more with the next batch of X-Men classics (if there is a next batch) .

    Ah well, I'll still be buying all of them 'cause they are so cool!

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    Well, Marvel Legends 6 has been on the drawing board before X-Men Classics. And currently the fate of X-Men Classics is up in the air. I hope it survives. But the the thing about X-Men in Classics and Legends. Unlike Spider-Man and Hulk, they do have tons of characters that qualify as Legends. And with so many characters in the X-Universe. Having them in both makes the most sense.

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    Yeah, I see your point. There's about a million X-characters to choose from (although I wouldn't call most of 'em "legends"). And I see what your saying with the fact that ML 6 was finalized before x-classics was even thought up.

    I still really want to see more cosmic characters though. Someday we'll get that Thanos dammit!! And a rotocast Galactus would be the bomb!

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    I just wish it wasn't so heavily X-related. 1 or 2 woudl be alright, bu this whole series is X-related. Why couldn't they just throw in an Adam Warlock or a Thanos. Maybe Invisible Woman, Hawkeye, Black Panther, or Dr. Strange.
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    Sorry, but this ****es me off. First, I like the X-Men, but why the hell do they have to put them in ML. Save ML for the good stuff, Dr. Strange, some Ultimate Stuff, anything, but the X-Men.

    The next thing that makes me mad is, the addition of Cable and Deadpool. I mean damn, they both suck, and don't deserve spots over better super heros, like Vission, or Hawkeye, who definately needs a fig.

    I appologize greatly for this rant i just did, but when a toy company screws up this bad, it maks me mad. I won't be picking anything up in this line, except the possibility of Juggernaut. Again, i appologize for the rant.
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    I understand your pain at-at man & evenflow. But hey, at least Hawkeye, Dr. Strange, Vision & ultimate Cap America have already been announced for later waves. And we will get an invisible girl in the FF box set later in the year.

    Still want Thanos, Adam Warlock, & Captain Mar-vel though (doubt we'll ever see Captain Mar-vel).....

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    AT-AT, all those guys you mentioned are coming in ML 7 and 8. So the X-Men heavy ML 6 isn't going to stop you from getting Hawkeye, Vision, etc. They're just trying to do some of the characters that fans have been begging for for ages.

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    Well color pictures are up.
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    I couldn't give a damn about anybody in line aside from Juggernaut and Phoenix. Another Wolverine?!? Didn't see that one coming!!
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    How many Wolvies are possible for the Marvel Legends line?

    1) Tiger-striped costume (done)
    2) Tiger-striped with no mask (done twice)
    3) Tan-and-yellow costume (done)
    4) Tan-and-yellow with no mask (likely a variant)
    5) New X-Men leather outfit
    6) Classic civilian duds with fur-lined bomber jacket
    7) Patch (despite what the Wolverine's Revenge game implies, this is a separate outfit from #6)
    8) X-Men uniform
    9) Weapon X

    That's about all I can think of. They could conceivably do one Wolverine per wave for the next five waves and not repeat. Hopefully if they plan to do them all, they'll spread them out slightly. Or release them in two-packs with all the possible Jubilee sculpts.
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