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    Mmmmm... those look weird. I'm not convinced that the final product will look like that. I'm also not sure what to think either.

    On the one hand, I kind of like the clean look. I may want Quicksilver, Yellowjacket, and perhaps She-hulk, but I'm not into any of the others.

    And what the f***'s up with Thor?!? The other version that we saw (the Toy Biz version?) was so much better.

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    I see absolutely nothing wrong with those aside from a few nitpicks - the fact that I've been nominated to collect X-Men movie figures after I've already passed on so many just to complete Blob, the lack of double jointed elbows on She-Hulk, the lack of knee joints at all on Blob. In fact, from the looks of those photos it seems as though Hasbro is actually improving on the quality of plastic being used as well as the paint. These look much sturdier than ToyBiz's figures. Those were both things I'd always ToyBiz had fixed when they had the license. Hasbro is actually far exceeding my expectations with what they're doing with ML so far.

    Oh yeah, and I honestly don't see any difference between the Thor in those pics and the version shown at the cans except for the difference in material between the prototype and what I assume is the production model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RooJay View Post
    Oh yeah, and I honestly don't see any difference between the Thor in those pics and the version shown at the cans except for the difference in material between the prototype and what I assume is the production model.
    Oh, my bad... I think I'm confusing it with that Giant Man series Wal*Mart figure that I never saw at retail... because I never really go to Wal*Mart anymore.

    I'm willing (hoping) that you're right about the quality thing. I've always thought that ToyBiz needed to improve, at the very least, how they did the knee and elbow joints. I'm hoping for better plastic all around, but if they just fixed the joints, then I'd be happy.

    looking at 'em, with the flat (no paint) plastic colors, these figures remind me a lot of the newer He-Man figures. (Not a bad thing.)

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    Juggernaut - This one I was looking forward to after seeing the pics from Comic Con where he had detailed paint. Now he looks cartoony and won't fit in with the movie X-Men figures from ToyBiz.

    Thor - Doesn't look bad except the horrible lack of any paint to bring out the details. But I don't care for this Thor, Thor from the Giant Man wave is enough for me.

    Wolverine - Overall doesn't look bad but the thing connecting the claws makes it look like they're attached to his glove rather than giving the impression they come out of his hand.

    Yellow Jacket - Not familiar with the character so don't care...

    She-Hulk - Looks flimsy in the legs.

    Blob - Don't care.

    Quicksilver - Don't care.

    Xorn - Don't care.

    Jean - Dreadful. Horribly dreadful, especially compared to the wonderful prototype shown at Comic Con. This is worse than a kid's meal toy. The variant head is ridiculous as she didn't look like that when she went psycho and the "hold my hand or I'll cry" expression doesn't exactly work for it. The lower torso isn't even able to line up to the waist and upper torso which looks ridiculous and the now lack of texture detail and no paint weathering makes her look cheap and horrid. Like Juggernaut, she suffers from being turned into a cartoon so she couldn't look right with the X-Men movie figures even if they hadn't horribly mutilated the sculpt.

    The lack of joints that Hasbro is going with is horribly lame as well. At least when ToyBiz gave a figure a dopey hand position you could change it somewhat with the joint, now that that is gone and Hasbro isn't even going to include extra sets of hands... Well that's sad.

    The packaging shown for wave 1 didn't impress me by any means, it's the usual overthetop artistic crap that tries to make you focus on the packaging instead of the figure. Toybiz at least made the focal point the figure.

    With the horrible packaging, the price going up and yet the drop in quality AND pack-ins (comics, bases, accessories, etc) I can easily see Hasbro driving this line into the ground pretty soon.

    Hasbro can often get away with lack of detail in the Star Wars line because they're 3", but obviously they thought they could treat 6" figures the same way.
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    The more I look at these, the worse they look. That's really unfortunate. I smell this line going to hell quickly.
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    Damn, those figures are bad. I hate to say it fellas, but I don't see this line lasting much longer. I don't even know if scalpers are gonna want them after seeing that wave...
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    WOW...I gave up my ML collecting and sold all of my figures. It looks like it was none too soon. I NEVER would have continued collecting them the way they look now.

    To quote a certain Vice Chancellor, that line "Suckity suck sucks" now!

    Unless you like the animated-style is actually nice for that...but I liked the live-style sculpting myself.
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    X-Men Classics!!! Help!!!!

    I'm trying to find Bobby Drake and Rouge without paying an outrageous amount. The problem is so few stores in my area are even carrying this line that it's hard to find the originals let alone the variants! Them there's the scalpers to compete with. I'd also like to find the "Iron Man" Destroyer variant and either of the Wasp variants.
    Wanted; loose or sealed
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    I've only seen it from one source, so I don't know how accurate it is, but I've seen news that some Wal-Marts have restocked with Giant Man wave. It could be an attempt to get more of that Black Friday money, so it would make sense if it were true.
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    The Wal-Mart nearest me didn't even bother to restock the action figure aisle at all for black friday. They still had all the same merchandise (or lack thereof) they've had since the beginning of summer! And no, I'm not exaggerating. Probably accounts for the fact that nothing seemed to be selling in that aisle anyway - all the kiddies have already had that merchandise for a very long time and didn't ask for any of it for Christmas.


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