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    ooooo Vision and Man-Thing.
    Back and more bearded than ever before

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    I found Archangel, Cyclops, Super-Poseable Sipdey, and Joe Fix-It Hulk today. Very nice figs.
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    I'm pretty bummed about the absence of Dr. Strange on this ad. He was the figure I was looking forward to the most. And I don't think the ultimate cap America is really needed (since we already have one), other wise great line ups! I'm hoping they do classic Ghost Riders bike right (the other bikes have been waaaay too smal IMO). They could do it the correct size & just pack it in two peices.

    It looks like there are 4 missing figures from the original lists. Maybe they're gonna go the route of ML5 = 6 regular figures, and a different chase figure. Who knows, maybe they will make a Dr. Strange this year. Unfortunately, we would have to pay an arm and a leg for it....

    Dr. Strange
    Black Widow
    Stealth Iron Man
    and the unannounced figure

    Good score LIMP! Those are all great figures.

    I finally scored the new X-Men wolvie today and completed my set of X-Men classics 1. Hope there's gonna be a series 2 in the future.... The Wolvie's a great figure btw. His jacket is all screwed up in the package, but you can "train it" into shape with one of those bendy wires.

    The figure looks about a million times better when the jacket is fixed
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    Wow. Not only are we getting X-Men figures in Marvel Legends. But for the first time ever, we're getting a Spider-Man character. Sweet. The Spidey Legends Doc Ock was pretty much crappola. Nice to see him get some proper treatment. I like all the choices. Sad to see no Dr. Strange or Forge though. Hopefully in a future series. Gonna attach the poster here, incase gets an order to take it down.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Line-up for Series 6, 7 and 8 revealed!
    As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Pictured above is a press sheet from the UK toy distributor Gear 4 Games listing Toy Biz's upcoming Marvel Legends action figures. It should be mentioned that this listing is subject to change.

    Dam JJB you beat me to it.

    BTW who is man thing?
    So glad we are getting Iceman. Will we see the pics at Toy Fair?
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    These look awesome!!! I can't wait for that Doc Ock!! Should be awesome!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lando In My Pants
    I found Archangel, Cyclops, Super-Poseable Sipdey, and Joe Fix-It Hulk today. Very nice figs.
    AWESOME FINDS!!! Where did you pick them up, LIMP?!? I can't find them anywhere!!! If you see any extra Abominations and don't want one, be a pal and pick them up for me; i need two and i can't find a damn thing!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lando In My Pants
    I found Archangel, Cyclops, Super-Poseable Sipdey, and Joe Fix-It Hulk today. Very nice figs.
    Great. Have you got any pics carded?

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    I see that series 6 is supposed to be out in April, how casn that be possible when I still cant find series 5, X-men Classics, or Hulk CLassics.
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    A friend of mine sent me the list last night, and here's a cut-and-paste of my response to him:

    Series 7:
    Hawkeye: a character who I can't emphasize how much he really, really, really sucks, but again likely a great figure.
    Apocalypse: this one should be freakin' amazing! And huge!
    Vision: one of the cooler Avengers. I could live without him if they didn't make him, but since they're making him I've gotta have him!
    War Machine: feh. Likely a repaint of Iron Man in gray with a couple of cannons slapped on. A pretty washed-up early 90s character to get a Legends figure (but I could say the same for Cable).
    Ghost Rider (Blaze): Is this list confirmed? The last Ghost Rider we got was a weird mix of Dan Ketch (the bike, chain, and comic) and Johnny Blaze (the outfit and bio). Odd choice, and yet another resculpt.
    Wolverine - Weapon X: aaaawwww, yeah!! I'm assuming half-naked with a giant helmet and all sorts of wires. A stasis tube accessory would be awesome.

    Series 8:
    Captain America: I've heard rumors of an Ultimate Cap (from the Ultimate series, which is a parallel universe), so this is probably him. I'm not into Ultimates (though I've heard they're excellent and have considered checking out the paperbacks), so if that's still the case, I'll probably pass on him.
    Doc Ock: hell yeah!! I'm guessing comic version, since the movie line will probably have a film version. Which means. . . original green turtleneck, white double-breasted Armani suit (my favorite), or green spandex?
    Man Thing: a movie's coming out for this guy, so sounds good. Nice lookin' critter, even if as a character he's boring.
    Storm: yeah, baby! Though which of the 4,785 outfits? I'm hoping the white or black from the Jim Lee/Whilce Portacio era. As long as it's not the mohawk & bikini, I can live with it.
    Iron Man: wha? Another one? Counting Stealth Iron Man and War Machine, this would make the fourth. Ultimate Iron Man, maybe? If so, awesome design that I probably can't miss.
    Ice Man: everybody say YES!!
    That's my jacket!

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    Hey guys,

    These have been showing up at Targets, not in great quantities though... So far I've found most of Hulk classics (no Abomination), and X-Men classics (no new X-Men wolvie) at Target.

    I've also found the X-Men series at TRU (that's where I found my new x-men wolvie .

    I have a feeling the Hulk classics will be harder to find due to the fact that all the movie figures are still warming the pegs..... (which sucks, cause I really want that abomination figure).


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