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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast View Post
    Disagreed. Still happier with everything Hasbro has done over what Toy Biz did.

    And keep wishing. Toy Biz getting the license back is never going to happen.

    Toy Biz does not exist anymore. It was dissolved as a company.
    Different strokes for different folks I guess. I won't keep wishing though, with the lack of product & less than stellar choices to choose from, I'll just save my cash for Mattel DC Universe products. Toy Biz not existing anymore will not change my mind on Hasbro though, they still put out product that lacks appeal IMHO. Lets not forget we hardly got anything worth buying this year & hardly anything at all. I think there has been three waves total so far that are not selling all that great. The first wave was a disaster IMHO & the next two were not that much better. I'll stick with Mattel for now until I see something that impresses me or someone else takes over the license for the better. You like I don't, can't change that; but I can save some cash for something better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish View Post
    $12.99 is a bit steep, but seeing as how it's the only "official" Hulk movie toy that I'll be buying, I decided to go for it.
    Aaaand... then I saw a stack of them marked down to around $8 at Target yesterday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish View Post
    Oddly enough, I've something nice to say about Hasbro and their handling of all things Marvel...

    Picked up the "Target Exclusive" Hulk ML figure today (the one that comes in a plastic tube), and it's actually really well done. I haven't (and don't plan on) opened it, but the sculpt is cool
    I find that amusing to no end considering that that figure is actually almost completely a Toy Biz sculpt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RooJay View Post
    I find that amusing to no end considering that that figure is actually almost completely a Toy Biz sculpt!
    I'd assumed (not that I've given it much thought) that just about everything we've gotten from Hasbro has had something to do with Toy Biz. Which... hasn't prevented them from screwing up a lot of otherwise decent figures, but with this one I'm at least willing to say that they managed to go through the motions without blowing it.

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    The Hasbro Marvel Q&A's have started up again. Some interesting news.
    They're still denying and playing dumb about a 3 3/4" line. So probably at SDCC.

    From Marvelous News:
    The Hasbro Q&A Returns
    by Jay in Marvel at 07:16 PM on 2008.07.02

    Hasbro’s Q&A with the Marvel brand team members returns this month with a new batch of questions and answers. If you would like to submit a question for Hasbro to answer about their Marvel Line, head over to our FORUMS and post it for possible use in a future Q&A session.

    MN: Will we be seeing “Punisher War Zone” movie figures?

    Hasbro: There is no War Zone themed line in the works but there will definitely be plenty of Punisher products in some of the other Marvel lines.

    MN: What scale will the “X-Men Origins Wolverine” figures be in?

    Hasbro: X-Men Origins figures are on the 2009 plan which we aren't discussing yet. Simply because it's too early and there is a lot of information that is still subject to change.

    MN: Why does it seem like it is so hard to get 6" Marvel Legends figures on retail shelves these days? We used to get a new wave on shelves every couple of months, but recently it seems like we've only gotten 2 waves in the last year or so. What do you attribute to this change?

    Hasbro: Actually, there were 5 different 6" BAF waves in 2007. Three of which launched around October / November. So far, 2008 has been Legends light for two reasons. First, it took longer than expected to move through the 07 Legends inventory. Second, there is simply a lot of 6" Marvel product on shelf right now between Iron Man and Spider-Man. Once we hit August, there will once again be tons of new 6" Legends products on shelf. If you look at the pipeline, there are three different BAF waves and 10 different
    2 packs planned between now and December.

    MN: Will a new Marvel 3 3/4" line debut at SDCC this year?

    Hasbro: Three and three what? Currently, we have no news on a 3.75" line.
    From Raving Toy Maniac:
    July 2008 - Each month, Hasbro will answer five questions about their Marvel and Spider-Man products. Here are the latest questions and answers:

    1. Will we ever see any of the old, rare Toybiz Marvel Legends rereleased? Figures such as Deadpool, Dark Phoenix, and Juggernaut were shortpacked and the supply -NEVER- met the demand before the line went forward with other characters. These are popular characters that could still sell extremely well at retail, with minimal cost to Hasbro, since the tooling already exists.

    Answer: You'll see a few of the "hard to find" Legends figures on shelves this fall... starting with the Skrull which was already revealed in New York this past April. You'll see at least one more re-release unveiled next month at Comic Con

    2. Will we ever see the last waves of Marvel Icon figures on store shelves? (Daredevil, Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Colossus)

    Answer: Yes. There are several retailers scheduled to carry these in Spring of 2009. Retailer Specifics and exact timeline will be revealed in just 4 weeks.

    3. Are the 2 latest exclusive ML BAF series (Nemises and Red Hulk), going to be the last ML BAF series Hasbro will produce?

    Answer: No - we just might show you a new one in San Diego!

    4. Any more X3 figures planned? Still love to have that Angel and a Kitty Pryde (do Ellen
    Page's award nominations help at all?)

    Answer: At this point, it looks like the X3 movie figures are officially all done.

    5. Is Marvel Legends 6 inch scale dead?

    Answer: No, in fact, there are a couple of big Legends reveals just around the corner at SDCC!
    From Action-Figure:
    June Hasbro Marvel Q&A Answers!
    Posted by Nomad on Wednesday, July 02, 2008

    Hasbro jumps back into the snarling pit-o-geeks to answer all the questions you are demanding answers to..which is usually..can we have dry brushing back? Please...

    1. With the long absence of the Marvel Legends line from stores, can we expect anything new from the next wave in regards to articulation, paint applications, detail, etc?

    HASBRO: Yes, lots of new news on this front. Check out the new 2 packs that feature lots of interchangeable heads, hands and accessories for starters. You'll also see lots of great detail and more double knees and double elbows featured in the upcoming BAF waves.

    2. International fans have to resort to ebay prices to get Hasbro exclusives as well as ML retail exclusives. Will Hasbro set up a way for fans across the water to get their hands on the toys they love by the singles or by the case?

    HASBRO: The Marvel Legends brand is available to all of our global retail partners across the world...but they each make their own decisions about what to carry in their stores based on regional popularity and preferences. We would encourage our international friends to stress to their favorite retailers that they should carry more Marvel product! Above and beyond that, coverage was recently extended throughout Canada. We are hopeful that this service will be available to many other countries soon.

    3. On that same note, in the past with retail exclusives, we've had to get a variant figure to complete the build a figure. Not only is this difficult with scalpers, but from region to region, we don't get access to the same amounts of product (ie; Fantastic Four Legends never hit central NJ.) Will Hasbro provide a way for fans to buy full sets and singles of these waves, including the variants?

    HASBRO: All variant figures in the BAF waves are packed with a duplicate BAF piece so that you don't have to track down the variant and you don't have to buy both. For example, in the upcoming Red Hulk wave, both the yellow and the black Wolverines will come with the same BAF piece. As far as the issue of regional differences goes, there are definitely some "hot beds" for Legends and they do move through more product. This isn't really a question of distribution as much as it is supply and demand. It's a decision that's made at the retail level depending on how fast a given product sells in their area.

    4. Can you give us a sneak peek at what we will see at San Diego Comic Con?

    HASBRO: Tons of stuff…pretty much everything from the 2008 line for all Marvel brands and possibly a couple of sneak peeks at early 2009. We can't get too specific here but we can share this one nugget of info - you'll see a brand new Legends BAF wave revealed at SDCC.

    5. Last year, Hasbro released three series of Marvel Legends in the last few months of the year, causing fans to frantically hunt for their figures and put a serious hurt on their wallets all at once. In the future, can we count on Hasbro to space out these waves to make it more affordable for fans and at the same time, assure Hasbro that we can buy each entire series?

    HASBRO: Wow, we usually hear that there isn't enough Legends product out there. There will again be a lot of new Legends out there in the back half of 2008 which we announced at Toy Fair in February and NYCC in April. We hope that collectors used the Legends light Spring season as an opportunity to save up a few extra bucks for their faves this fall! If it helps reduce the sting to the wallet, there are many retail websites where you can pre-order these items right now and therefore spread out the cost.

    Umm...did Hasbro just teach us about pre-ordering figures? ~slowly ducks out of the room~

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    From Action Figure Insider:
    Hasbro’s July Marvel Q&A Answers
    As we enter the home stretch toward SDCC 08 the Marvel Team from Hasbro updates us on the answers to our burning questions that AFI readers have posted in our forums:

    Q1. What are the chances of a 3 3/4 Iron Man in the Hulk movie line? Are there more 3 3/4 figures planned for the Hulk movie line then we’ve seen so far?

    A1) There are a couple of additional 3.75" Hulk movie figures that have yet to be announced.

    Q2. Several of the Superhero Squad 2 packs released last year were extremely difficult to locate…especially Rogue/Gambit, Spidey/Kraven and Spidey/Vulture. Are there any plans to re-release any/all of these guys in an upcoming wave/set?

    A2) We do have some plans to source some (but not all) of these again in 2009.

    Q3. Will Marvel Legends singles return to all retailers or are they just going to be exclusive waves from now on until the line is phased out?

    A3) For 2008, mass retailers will be carrying the Hulk Legends Fin Fang Foom Wave and the Legends 2 packs.

    Q4. I’m new to the Marvel collecting (I’m a DC guy at heart, sorry Hasbro, besides, you get my cash from IJ and Star wars, so don’t feel to bad…) Seeing Fin Fang Foom is what converted me, I cannot wait to get him! (More money for you!) That leads me to my question; Toybiz Build a Figures are expensive on ebay (Apocalypse, Galatctus and the sentinel) what are the odds that they will be re released from the 12" Icons format?
    And when might we see more X-Men like 90’s Jim Lee/Animated Jubilee and Jean Gray and hover chair Charles Xavier? Can you make Morph from the show, the new Forge/wolverine body is a great start!

    A4) Hey, we all have our favorites, no need to apologize. Welcome to the Marvel Universe! We realize that these guys are still sought after by collectors. There is definitely a chance…make sure to tell your local retailers that this is something you’d like to see!

    Q5. What is the status of the Wizard poll characters that didn’t win? FA Storm, Northstar/Aurora (hello 2pk!), Silver Samurai, etc? also, what is the status of the (Dark) Phoenix and Nightcrawler Icons? (HTS exclusives?)

    A5) They are still in the archive awaiting a good home! AOA Sunfire will be available in a couple of months (he’s already available for pre-order) and at that point we’re hoping to kick off another installment of the Fan’s Choice. The Icons are already scheduled for a couple of retailers in Spring of 09…specific details and timelines will be disclosed at SDCC. As for the other characters, those names have definitely arisen in our character selection discussions…so there’s a strong chance you’ll see a couple of them.

    You can find our past Q&A’s here. And you can discuss the answers at our Hasbro board.
    From Kastors Korner:
    Interview: Hasbro Answers Round 1 (7-2-08)
    Written by Khalil
    Jul 02, 2008 at 03:27 PM

    Hasbro gave Kastor's Korner all kind of answers on Legends, Icons, hard to find TB Legends, and are we getting a 3.75 line? Read more inside

    Kastor: What is the fate of the last 2 waves of Marvel Legends Icons?

    Hasbro: Retailer's are on board to carry these in Spring 2009. Details on exactly where and when will be announced at SDCC.

    Kastor: The Skrull is an example of re-releasing old Toy Biz figures that were hard to find in the upcoming Marvel 2-packs. Are there any plans to see other hard to find figures in the Marvel lines? Examples: Deadpool, Juggernaut, Dark Phoenix.

    Hasbro: Glad you asked! We will be releasing at least 1 more hard to find classic in 2008. We'll have to ask you to wait for the details until SDCC.

    Kastor: Any chance of seeing boxed sets with multiple characters? First Appearance X-Men, Exiles, the Invaders

    Hasbro: Yes, The Savage Land multi figure box set will be available at SDCC.The box itself features original artwork by Frank Cho inside and out. Make sure to pick up Ka-Zar, Shanna and Zabu at Comic Con this July. Additionally, Legends 2 packs will be hitting mass retail in August.

    Kastor: With a few exceptions, the sculpt and paintwork have been below par on the Marvel Legends line, even by mass-market standards. Collectors expect a certain level of detail and accuracy in their sculpts and are usually more discerning than children. Does Hasbro understand this, and what will they do to bring the Legends line up to snuff?

    Hasbro: Collectors have a passion and a discerning eye for every aspect of their figures. So do we...and that's why we look forward to talking with collectors and fans at as many shows and events as possible. That said, we're in tune with likes, dislikes, and the general pulse of the Marvel Universe. On the subject of sculpts - fans have seen about 80% of the Fall 2008 line and the feedback has been all positive. On the subject of paint - we're trying to hard to manage the price / value relationship in the face of soaring energy prices. We could easily double or triple the amount of paint on every figure...but that would translate to higher prices per standard 6" figure. Legends are still the most articulated action figures on the market for the far. If you compare to other similarly priced BAF's at retail you'll find more deco op's but only half the articulation. That's because these two attributes act as one goes up, the other has to go down. As the price of materials increase, the only way to maximize both is to take the price up again. Send us a follow up and let's discuss further in next month's Q&A?

    Kastor: There have been mentions of some of the Indiana Jones, Hulk and G.I. Joe lines sharing some parts, is there any plan for those lines to share parts with the 3 3/4 line of Marvel Toys?

    Hasbro: Is there a 3.75" Marvel line of toys?

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    The majority of the answers seemed to be "wait until SDCC."

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    On the subject of paint - we're trying to hard to manage the price / value relationship in the face of soaring energy prices. We could easily double or triple the amount of paint on every figure...but that would translate to higher prices per standard 6" figure.
    Hmmm. How about just trying to do a clean job of using the few coats of paint that you do decide to use?

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    It almost sounds like they might have finally started listening to the fans regarding Marvel Legends (except for that part about how fans are 80% happy with what we've seen for fall - which websites are they visiting where they're getting that info?!) I am very cautiously optimistic that they might still be able to turn things I even care at this point?

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    Geez, they are cutesy coy with the 3.75" line answers, moreso even than SW brand team's anti-denials.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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