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    Out here in LA, Target has raised the prices of all their ML to $14.99 (not just the Hulk waves). Are any of you finding this price increase in other parts of the country?

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    Jesus Christ, that makes me glad I stopped. Weren't the first waves of these $6.99 back in the day? Even if not, that's a 50% increase over the previous wave, which is insane.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    Out here in LA, Target has raised the prices of all their ML to $14.99 (not just the Hulk waves). Are any of you finding this price increase in other parts of the country?
    I'm hearing scattered reports from various Targets. I'm laying the blame directly at Target.

    Since the figures were $9.99 MSRP when they were on display at SDCC.

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    Picked up the ML two packs at a WM this afternoon: Wolvie w/ Forge and Nick Fury with Capt. America. I don't care for Capt, but I like Ult. Fury. Both of them looked good. They had one Elektra and Ronin packs left and a slew of Mr. Fantastic/Thing packs, as this last pack seems to be warming shelves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi_Master_Guyute View Post
    (...) a slew of Mr. Fantastic/Thing packs, as this last pack seems to be warming shelves.
    It seems weird that they would release these two right after the FF ML wave, though I was dissatisfied enough with a permanently stretched-out Reed that I'm tempted to buy this one, especially given that Thing is an improvement paint-wise over the FF wave version. The biggest reason I haven't gotten it is because the FF wave was blue and white, and these are blue and black, so they won't go with Sue and Johnny, both of whom I thought were fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    Out here in LA, Target has raised the prices of all their ML to $14.99 (not just the Hulk waves). Are any of you finding this price increase in other parts of the country?
    Yep. My local Target has. It was this price for the Red Hulk Wave.

    Thankfully I don't want most of the figures from that wave (though I do want the Red Hulk parts). I got the six armed chick for my wife as well as Wolverine. Then lo' and behold I found a variant Wolverine. Didn't even know this was being made. I was completely surprised to have found it and snagged it immediately.

    Are there any other variants in this wave besides Wolvie? If so who and what do the variants look like?

    The Wolverine variant is mostly black.
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    PLM, There's a 2nd two-pack of the FF coming out with Blue/Black Sue and Johnny coming out.

    JMS, there is supposedly a variant of Spiral. I think it's gold accents instead of silver.

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    I'm going to feel like quite the dupe if I replace my FF after less than a year.
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    Hasbro Marvel Q&A's from around the Net....

    Hasbro MARVEL Q & A for September, 2008

    Hasbro relaunches their Marvel Q & A program, focusing on their extensive Marvel toy license, including Marvel Legends, Superhero Squad and upcoming Marvel Univese. Will we see mega-scale Superhero Squad figures? Marvel Universe vehicles and playsets? Read on...

    FIGURES.COM: The Superhero Squad line has proven popular over the years with kids and collectors alike. Will fans be seeing more larger scaled figures in this line similar to the Apocalypse or Galactus?

    HASBRO: There are no current plans for mega-scale Squad figures in 2009.

    FIGURES.COM: Can fans expect to see playsets or vehicles in the new Marvel Universe 3 3/4" line?

    HASBRO: It's a perfect scale for vehicles as well as play and display. It depends on the demand.

    FIGURES.COM: Are army builder packs currently planned for the new Marvel Universe 3 3/4" line? Hand ninjas and HYDRA troopers would be a great addition...

    HASBRO: You'll see AT LEAST one army builder in the line during 2009... possibly even more.

    FIGURES.COM: Costume and color variants seem to be a part of the new Marvel Universe line. Will we be seeing further variants used as retail or online exclusives?

    HASBRO: There will definitely be more variants featured in the line. They will find their way into various retail channels throughout the upcoming year.

    FIGURES.COM: What can fans expect to pay for the new 3 3/4" Marvel Universe figures?

    HASBRO: These figures will be priced about the same as the Star Wars and G.I.JOE 3.75" line of figures.
    From Superhero Times:
    Hasbro MARVEL Q & A for September, 2008

    Hasbro relaunches their Marvel Q & A program, focusing on their extensive Marvel toy license, including Marvel Legends, Superhero Squad and upcoming Marvel Univese. Will we see an in scale Galactus Marvel Universe figure? Sam Jackson as Nick Fury figure? Read on...

    SUPERHEROTIMES.COM: With the launch of the new Marvel Universe 3 ¾" line, will fans see lesser known characters like the Power Pack or perhaps Howard The Duck as well as mainstream characters like Spider-man, Wolverine, and The Hulk?

    HASBRO: You'll see plenty of lesser known characters! However, Howard the Duck is not yet on the radar for 2009. Agatha Harkness is probably out for year one as well.

    SHT: Will fans see larger figures in scale with the Marvel Universe figures released, such as a massive 18" tall Galactus?

    HASBRO: It's definitely possible. There has been an extremely positive reaction to the new 3.75" Universe line thus far and there are a ton of great characters to do... some of whom are pretty big!

    SHT: With the new season of Spectacular Spider-Man coming soon, what new characters and figures can fans look forward to seeing?

    HASBRO: The first step is rounding out the Sinister 6 this fall... Lizard, Rhino and Electro are hitting shelves right about now.

    SHT: The Iron Man film figures have been very popular. Will this line continue into 2009 and what type of exciting surprises can fans look forward to in future waves if it does continue? The Captain America Armor Iron Man was impressive...

    HASBRO: Yes, the line will continue and there will be lots of great Iron Man product in 2009. As you know, Mr. Stark's arsenal (and rogue's gallery) is extensive and gives us lots of possibilites to work with.

    SHT: When can fans expect to see a Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury figure in the Iron Man line?

    HASBRO: There is a 6" version of Ultimate Nick Fury in the Marvel Legends line this Fall... although it is not a Sam Jackson likeness. Have you seen it?
    From Cool Toy Review:
    Hasbro's Marvel Comics Q&A: The Answers!
    Posted by Curto on September 23, 2008 at 03:35 PM CST:
    We've passed on 5 of your burning Marvel Comics questions! So check out the latest scoop we've got for you this all-new, all-different monthly Q&A session with Hasbro.

    Cool Toy Review: Battle Packs are popular in both the G.I. Joe and Star Wars lines. It's also a good way to get less kid-oriented characters into the line and to army build. For example Shi'ar grunts with Lilandra, Skrulls with Super Skrull, Kree with Ronan, Mole Man with Mole Monsters, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with Maria Hill, this could go on forever. Any chance we'll see battlepacks in the Marvel Universe line?

    Hasbro: Strong chance of it...Battlepacks are perfect for 3.75" scale.

    Cool Toy Review: Thank you Hasbro! I've been waiting, hoping, and anticipating the announcement of the 3¾" line from the first teases of it. And you more than delivered...the line looks great! However, out of the 30+ figures you showed at SDCC, only 2 of them were female characters, and one of them was simply a 1st appearance variant. Marvel has a ton of great female characters... so it's somewhat disappointing to see a lack of representation for them. Will we be seeing more females coming that weren't shown at SDCC?

    Hasbro: Awesome, we're glad you're fired up about the launch of Marvel Universe because we are too! Not to worry, there will be plenty of female characters in the line.we haven't even scratched the surface with this line yet!

    Cool Toy Review: I would love to see a original Black Queen and White Queen (and I mean the original outfits from the Hellfire Club). Would that be something you would consider, or is that "too sexy" for younger fans?

    Hasbro: Probably a little too mature for mass retail...but within the realm of possibility for Comic Con!

    Cool Toy Review: Please, please, please, ask Hasbro to stop using the Star Wars 3¾" scale joints on 6" Marvel Legends figures. They just don't work for that larger scale and restrict movement even's a step back! I'm talking about those pivot/elbow joints that were a breakthrough and work great for smaller scale figures, and that Hasbro decided to transfer to Marvel Legends. The Hydra Soldier figure could have been great if it had been like the prototype. Please ask them to bring back double-jointed elbows and swivel bicep joints for Marvel Legends. I would gladly pay more for a great Marvel Legends articulated figure, then pay less for a less-articulated figure.

    Hasbro: We hear you. Hopefully you've noted lots more of these breaks and cuts in the most current waves.

    Cool Toy Review: Will there be villains in the 3¾" line? I'm pretty sure Green Goblin & Bullseye are there because they're currently Thunderbolts members.

    Hasbro: The goal with Universe is to delve as deeply as possible into the character portfolio, so you'll see tons of villains.we promise!
    From Raving Toy Maniac:
    Hasbro's Marvel Q&A September 2008 (Round 1)
    1. Can we expect to see more 6" Marvel Legends in 2009?

    Answer: Yes.

    2. Why so few re-releases of Toybiz hard to find figures? At SDCC 2 years ago at the Hasbro panel Hasbro's answer was "Yes," to the question, "Will hard to find Toybiz figures like the pointy masked Iron Man and Dark Phoenix be re-released?" As of yet, no hard to find Toybiz figure has been re-released.

    Answer: I think most collectors would consider Kang and the Super Skrull to be on that list of "hard to finds"... both of which are scheduled to hit shelves this Fall.

    3. Will the Store exclusive waves of Marvel Legends (Red Hulk/Nemesis) be available on HTS?

    Answer: They will not be available on HTS.

    4. Please clear up some confusion to the SHIELD/Hand 2-packs. Are we getting Nick Fury/SHIELD Agent 2pk and 2 Hand Ninjas in their own 2pk? Or is it Nick with alternate head and Hand Ninja in one 2pk? And is Dugan/Hand a variant 2pk (like Skrull Elektra) or a totally separate 2pk?

    Answer: It will be Nick Fury with an alternate head and a Hand Ninja in one 2pk. As for Dugan, it is a separate two pack (with different graphics on pack)... but the same concept as the Nick 2-pack. It will feature an interchangeable head for Dum Dum and a Hand Ninja in one 2 pack.

    5. Why in the first 3 3/4" line-up is there only one female (and her variant)? How quickly will the better-looking half of the Marvel Universe be made in this scale, and what kind of character depth can we expect - and how soon?

    Answer: There are 35 single carded figures planned for 2009... and there are definitely more female characters on the way.
    Hasbro's Marvel Q&A September 2008 (Round 2)

    September 2008 - Each month, Hasbro will answer five questions about their Marvel and Spider-Man products. Here are the latest questions and answers:

    1. A lot of people are voicing concerns over the availability of the upcoming Marvel Legends exclusives. While the reliability of the Target with Hasbro exclusives has been pretty consistent, Wal*Mart has not. I myself only saw last year's 2-packs locally only once, and while a different subject most of the Star Wars exclusives I've rarely if ever seen first hand at the big box retailer. With the frustration that was associated with trying to collect Toy Biz's Wal*Mart exclusive Marvel Legends wave, what is Hasbro going to do to ensure that the fans of this line will be able to easily obtain the Nemesis and Ares waves? Will it be like a regular production run only distributed to Wal*Marts? Or is it seeing a smaller run because of its exclusivity?

    Answer: The Red Hulk wave is starting to hit Target's around the country in large quantities. It looks as though the Ares wave won't be far behind. We don't control the distribution for each retailer but we're confident that there will be plenty of these waves for collectors and fans.

    2. Any chance for some Thunderbolts figures? (Any chance for a Thunderbolt Ross figure ever?)

    Answer: Sure, how about Bullseye and Green Goblin in the first 2 waves of Marvel Universe?

    3. How about generic packaging (cheaper) for online army builders?

    Answer: It's not something that we have planned right now... but as you know, the first online exclusive figure is available at Hasbro Toy Shop right now. If there's a strong demand for it, you can bet you'll see similar offerings down the road.

    4. Does getting Guardian mean more Alpha Flight? We've only gotten two members of Canada's premier super-team in the Legends line. When can we expect more?

    Answer: With at least one hard core Alpha fan on the team, you can be assured that the remaining roster comes up in character debates. There are definitely some core members of the Alpha team who are due!

    5. You pointed out that you are doing two re-releases of harder to find figures, Kang and Super Skrull. And kudos for those. But are there at least plans in motion to possibly do more, like Deadpool, Hawkeye, and Dark Pheonix? Not those specifically, I'm just throwing out examples.

    Answer: It's definitely within the realm of possibility, but there are no immediate plans for additional re-releases at the moment.
    From Marvelous News:
    Marvelous News' Q&A With Hasbro's Marvel Brand Team

    Hasbro’s Q&A with the Marvel brand team members returns this month with a new batch of questions and answers. If you would like to submit a question for Hasbro to answer about their Marvel Line, head over to our FORUMS and post it for possible use in a future Q&A session.

    Marvelous News: Ok let’s start with the big one on that seems to be on everyone's mind. Will 6" Marvel Legends continue into 2009? If so can give us any hints as to what we might see for 6" past what was shown at Comic-Con?

    Hasbro: The short answer is yes, they will be continuing. We're looking at a few options for the continuation of 6" Legends in 2009, but we can't give away the details or information on character selection yet.

    MN: With all the new Marvel animated series coming out soon like Iron Man, X-Men and Black Panther, will there be any new toy lines based on these series like there is with the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series?

    Hasbro: While we can't answer your question too specifically, we can say this: With so much awesome animation in the pipeline, it sounds like a pretty good idea!

    MN: You teased an “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” movie line at Comic-Con this summer. Are there any more details you can give about that line yet? Will it be 6", 3 3/4" or both?

    Hasbro: Unfortunately, we can't reveal any more specific details on the 2009 Wolverine line just yet.

    MN: Marvel Studios seems to be focusing on this concept of crossovers with their Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man movies. Will we see these crossovers carry over into your toy lines based on those movies?

    Hasbro: It's exciting to see these characters crossing over on film much like they do in comic pages. Every character in the films is on the table from a toy perspective, so if crossovers exist on screen it's a definite possibility.

    MN: How is the 3 3/4" Marvel line coming along? Has there been any kind of updates, changes or additions made since Comic-Con that you can talk about?

    Hasbro: The line is coming along great - we're finalizing the 4th wave of single carded figures right now and we're hard at work on the 5th wave for 2009. We're continuing to partner closely with Marvel Publishing to make sure that there is a tight relationship between comic and toy. We're also in the middle of nailing down the full year 2010 lineup, which is always exciting. The fan reaction has been tremendous for this new line and we're looking at all sorts of exciting new possibilities and ideas!
    From Kastor's Corner:
    Interviews: Hasbro Answers Sept Part 2

    The guys at Hasbro sent over a new set of answers today. Will we see less Build a Figures? The new 3 3/4 line before 09? Who held up the Nemesis wave?

    Kastor: Quality has been big issue for most Marvel Legends fans, and Hasbro has shown its ability to give us better quality figures over the past few waves. The Foom and Red Hulk waves are great examples of the step up in quality. But they come with a 50% price increase. Do you see the 6 inch line continuing long term in its current Build a Figure piece with a single figure form? Could we see an end to the BAF and just get singles at a lower price?

    Hasbro: We're looking at several options for the continuation of the 6" line right now….one strong possibilty is that you could see single carded figures without BAF components.

    Kastor: The Nemesis wave was something that was to be the first wave of 2008 but has been pushed back to the last wave. What held up the release of this wave? And how did so many other waves get from conception to retail with this wave being put to the end of the schedule?

    Hasbro: As we've mentioned before, there were some changes to the Beast figure which initially slowed things up. While those changes were taking place, the production schedule for the other waves (which were well past the concept stage) simply vaulted past the Nemesis wave.

    Kastor: The second and third waves of Hulk Super Hero Squad are absent from many stores because of the abundance of wave 1. These two waves have original 616 characters, so they are in high demand among collectors but impossible to find. Many people have to resort to online orders for these figures, but paint applications are something that are a concern. Most collectors will not want to buy sight unseen. Will we see these figures re-released as part of the normal waves?

    Hasbro: You should see all of these Hulk Squad figures at mass retail by holiday 2008. When they reach the shelves seems to vary from one region to another…in some Squad "hotbeds" the waves simply sell through faster than other areas.

    Kastor: Fin Fang Foom has traditionally been an Iron Man character, but when he was made a Marvel Legends Build a Figure he was packaged with Hulk figures. Why the choice to have Foom come with Hulk figures? Did the size of both Hulk Figures (they were huge) add to the price? Would we have seen a lower price had he come with Ironman figures?

    Hasbro: The size of the figures combined with the size of the BAF definitely factored into the price of the figures. Hypothetically, if he were to have come with Iron Man figures, it would have raised the price of those figures.

    Kastor: Do you think we will see any of the new 3 3/4 line during the holiday season? Maybe a preview figure?

    Hasbro: The 3.75" Universe figures will definitely not be on shelves until 2009.

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    I dunno... I'm starting to think that we should just merge the 3 3/4-inch thread with this one. The news seems to cross over and merge enough.

    Any thoughts?

    (Oh, and for the record, I'm still looking for FFF She-Hulk.)


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