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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    Right on JMG, congrats on the score!! I'm curious though, did you get lucky and find it at retail??

    He's gone down to a mere $40 - $60 at the local scalper haven . Still way too pricey for my blood. If I find one at $20 or under, I would probably buy it..

    Now the Absorbing Man is apparently going to be a impossible-to-get chase figure.... Bah! Why is it always the cool bad guys that are hard to get?????

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    That's pretty amazing. I've been dreaming that I'd turn one up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reefer Shark
    He's gone down to a mere $40 - $60 at the local scalper haven
    That's obviously why I won't. Oh well. I did pick up Mr. Fixit, he's very nice, and I saw War Hulk the other day... but none of the others from that series.

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    I ended up getting two off of e-bay for a really really low price, lowering than the prices you mentioned. I was able to get one MOC and then one that was damaged, which he sold to me for cheap, which I opened. I "disabled" the action feature last night..aka: i just kept messing with it till it snapped. Now, i can move the arms much better instead of having to be restricted due to those springs.

    Yeah, absorbing man is hard to get too. I know I'll never find one at retail, so i'm just waiting for a good deal on e-bay. Good luck everybody!
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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    OK. So... plasticfetish has been broke for a while, the freelance work hasn't been rolling in for plasticfetish, and so then plasticfetish goes out and gets a "day job" so he can have a little extra pocket money. Today plasticfetish goes out and spends some of said "pocket money" on ToyBiz plastic fun. Yay plasticfetish!!!

    Mecha Hulk!

    He's big, he's heavy, he's got an ugly little guy in him, and he's a whole lotta fun. Very top heavy, that's the first thing I found... even the Gremlin's top heavy... it's a bit of a balancing act to get any of it to stand, but it's so fun to fiddle around with this toy that I'm having a hard time putting it down anyway. This has now become my main desktop play toy. The chest missiles are a bit odd, they're made from coiled up metal foil and they're held in by the chest plates that open when you push a button behind his head. Not wanting to jinx this toy, but I can almost see it being recalled because of the eye hazard that these things present. (So watch your eyes.) I may leave the missiles out on mine anyway. So, yep... super stuff. I also saw Gamma Punk Hulk... but left it (banner looks too twerpy to me.) Saw War Hulk again... but no Absorbing Man of course!!!

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    Nice score, and great pics PF!!

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you find those?? I've been looking all over for them, and haven't found squat...

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I found a variant Marvel Legends Hulk (w/ripped shirt) today at KB for $5.99. ML variant hunters might want to check their KB's. I've heard that gold Iron Man, Thing w/trenchcoat, and robot Dr. Doom have been showing up at that price too!
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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    Thanx! It turned up at Target. There was 2 of them and a few of each of the others (minus any Absorbing Men of course) so I think they'll be showing up in pretty good number soon. I've gotta admit, since I saw the pics JJB posted, I've been looking constantly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reefer Shark
    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I found a variant Marvel Legends Hulk (w/ripped shirt) today at KB for $5.99.
    That's funny... I found one at Wal-Mart today also, weird, but you got yours for a better price.

    It was a very Hulky day.

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    With rumors that the Man-Thing movie may end up going direct to video I'm wondering if that'll have any effect on the Man-Thing Legends figure. I know that the figure isn't meant to be a direct tie-in with the film, but it's obvious that the movie had at least a little to do with such an obscure character having been included in the Legends line. Hopefully the film's status won't cause him to be bumped from the planned release or else cancelled in general. I know it's doubtful anyway at this point, but something to think about nonetheless.

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    That is interesting, Roo Jay. I've been surprised by the popularity of the Ghost Rider figure, he never seems to stay on the pegs (and he's at least as useless as Man-Thing in terms of being an interesting comic book hero). I would think that packing Man-Thing one per case would ensure good sales and demand for this otherwise inane character. I think ToyBiz would do an excellent job making him, if the LOTR Treebeard figures can be used as any sort of indicator.

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    That is a good question RooJay. Personally, I would be just as happy if they cancelled the figure...

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure ToyBiz would do a bang up job on him. But he really is an extremely obscure character, I could never consider him as a legend in the Marvel universe. The Marvel Legends line is already starting to make too many figures per wave IMO (used to be 4 figures + variant, now it's 6 figures + variant..).

    Plus, there are plenty of other characters that I would much rather see made (Thanos, Dr. Strange, Cap Mar-Vell, etc, etc....).

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    Good point...


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