well, the spider-man 2 figures are out; i believe the first 2 waves if i'm correct, roughly about 8 spider man versions...and sadly to say.... I picked up the 4 i saw! I'm sorry!! It's just that, i'm not doing the XMC line cos they don't impress me and i did the spider-man line from the first film and it's just my completist bones!! I'm such a sucker!! Though, i am doing this thing where i gather up their receipts and am like, "screw it! i'm returning them!!" but it's been roughly 14 hours now and still nothing. One of them does come with a poster of a play called "Emma Rose" and it has a pic of Mary Jane on it...interesting. So, the figure is good and the pic of Kirsten Dunst is just bonus.

I am sorry for letting you all down and buying these. Please don't banish me from this thread. I beg for your forgiveness!! That being said, i don't think the spidey figs will crash and burn; spider-man is a HUGE hit with the kids, even more than X-men, so these figures will sell a decent amount. We'll see though. I"m off to cry myself to sleep.