I'm with evenflow on this..... no more X-Men in the Marvel Legends line!

X-men have their own line now, and if ToyBiz wouldn't do the stupid action features, they would be just as popular as Marvel Legends. Hell, you don't see any Spider-Man characters in the ML line, and same with the Hulk now that he has his own line. ML should be reserved for other parts of the Marvel universe (Avengers, Cosmic characters, etc...) IMO.

Don't get me wrong, I love the mutants and look forward to owning the new Wovie, Cable, Deadpool, Jugernaut & Pheonix (especially Pheonix). But these guys should have been the next batch in the X-Men classics line. Then we could've gotten Thanos, Warlock, etc, etc...... Instead, we get 5 X-characters, and will get 5 more with the next batch of X-Men classics (if there is a next batch) .

Ah well, I'll still be buying all of them 'cause they are so cool!