I would actually prefer BnT Wolvie to TigerStripe since thats what he wore when I started reading. A maskless one would be sweet if they used a Frank Miller head sculpt from his original limited series (Remember when Marvel was so skeptical about Logan they thought he could only sustain a four issue story arc??)

I always thought Wolvie's look from Inferno was cool, but thats probably not Legends worthy. How about Infininty War evil doppelganger Wolvie? Would the "patch" costume be him in a black muscle shirt and pants with that ever present weird mesh/shadow across his face? Buscema as a good doodler, but did it have to show in EVERy panel?? Samurai Logan in a kimono. Battle ravaged Albert with an Elsie Dee pack in. How about classic Australian Outback Wolvie with wifebeater, leather jacket and 10 gallon hat? Wolvie in Genoshan Prison Unisex leotard from Extinction Agenda?