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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    But this will be our third Punisher figure, and we definitely don't need him. I admit to not being up on my Ultimate Marvels (mostly because I don't really like the overwhelming majority Ultimate line), but I don't seem to recall Ultimate Punisher looking remarkably different from regular Punisher. Someone prove me wrong.

    Great news about Loki, Power Man, Iron Fist, and Shang Chi! I'm even grateful to finally be getting Mole Man, Kingpin, and even Hannibal King could end up being kind of cool (at least my Blade movie figure won't be so lonely anymore - I'm assuming this is the movie version since the comics version could be pretty boring - but wouldn't a Jessica Biel figure have been even cooler? Yum!) Even origin Captain America with Bucky (as long as he's done right - read: with Marvel Legends articulation) and Origin Daredevil should be pretty cool (I've always had a thing for the original Yellow and Brown costume). I really don't think we need Savage Land Wolvie (now they're just getting ridiculous!) nor Lady Deathstrike and Tombstone; don't get me wrong, the lady was cool in X2, but the comics version and "z"-lister Tombstone suck badly!

    I also can really do without Ultimate Green Goblin as he blows to no end; seems more like he should be the Green Gargoyle to me. He doesn't call to mind anything nearing a goblin to me.

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    I'm into getting a new and better Daredevil (that has nothing to do with Ben Affleck) no matter what costume -- but the classic one would be really great.

    Hmmm... is that one "D" or two?
    Series 12: Origin Capt America (w/Bucky), Savage Land Wolverine, Ultimate Green Goblin, Loki, Dark Phoenix, Mole Man, & Hannibal King.
    I was really hoping that they'd do an early Cap'n America w/ Bucky. Great! Loki and Mole Man sound cool to me. Hannibal King I have no feelings for. Savage Land Wolverine isn't something I want, (but I'm sure someone who hasn't quite gotten enough Wolverine figures will dig it.) Now... Dark Phoenix, that's different from the chase figure that's been going around?
    Series 13: Origin Daredevil, Kingpin, Power Man, Iron Fist, Lady Deathstrike, Ultimate Punisher, Tombstone, and Shang Chi."
    I'm into almost all of these. Origin Daredevil = cool. Kingpin = cool. Power Man and Iron Fist are great. I'm not into another Punisher figure, and I don't care about Lady Deathstrike much. Tombstone I have no feelings for. Shang Chi (Master of Kung Fu?)... I haven't even thought about that one in close to 30 years. Wow... bring on the obscure '70s heroes!

    Thanks for the list Reefer Shark. It's nice to have something to look forward to.

    Speaking of obscure, I actually found Man-Thing (who my local comic-book shop had priced at $25) and Doc Ock at Wal*Mart today. Very nice! These are the two (though I did buy and like Iceman) that I really wanted from series VIII. Wouldn't mind finding some more from VII, but... oh well.

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    Anybody have pics of Ultimate Green Goblin and Ultimate Punisher?
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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    Go here for pics and more info on the craptacular Ultimate Green Goblin:

    and even better pics of his craptastic bust:

    Did I mention that he breathes fire and is nearly the size of the Hulk?

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    Ultimate Green Goblin rocks. It was truely a bold interpretation of a classic character that turned out in an intresting way. By the way, he could produce fire from his hands, not from his mouth.

    By the way, Jesse from Toy Biz debunked the list this morning over on Fwoosh. That doesn't mean that some of the figures listed arn't going to be made, just that they're trying to keep it as quiet as possible for the time being.

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    Ultimate Green Goblin sucks and was a wholly inane and a rather solid misinterpretation of the character. Why on earth would this guy call himself the Green Goblin when he's the spitting image of the classic gargoyle? Unless he knew that there was already a character by that name in another universe that he was supposed to be taking the place of. Other than the fact that he's green and wears purple, and his alter-ego is Norman Osborn, they've almost completely jettisoned everything else about the classic character. Even to the point that he wasn't even directly involved in Gwen Stacy's death - the defining event in the Spider-Man, Green Goblin relationship.

    By the way, I mistakenly relayed that he breathed fire due to the fact that he looks very much like DC's The Demon who in turn strongly resembles the Marvel Universe's own Isaac Christians - The Gargoyle. Another great character in his own right, one whom I wish Marvel would use more often and whom I'd love to have a figure of.
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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    We shall have to agree to disagree. Myself, I enjoyed it as a totally new interpretation of a classic character that was fresh. They could have went with something closer to the Spider-Man movie version of Green Gobby, so I'm glad they were more creative for his origins and powers in the Ultimate Universe.

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    I just pray that the Iron Fist and Power Man figures aren't shortpacked. I'd love to see a variant (inasmuch as I love to see any variant, but I suppose they're a given now) of the "plant doppelganger" Iron Fist (would look the same except the costume is red instead of green, and he'd probably look really, really mean). Since we're getting tons of useless re-toolings of characters, why not an early-90s version of Luke Cage (with the shaved head and black kevlar duds) later on?

    Power Man and Iron Fist RULE!!!

    But why a "Savage Land Wolverine"? That's moronic. Why not focus on other X-Men? [Cough, cough, Jubilee.] Or if they're set on a Savage Land character, I'd kill to get a ML Sauron figure.
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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    But why a "Savage Land Wolverine"? That's moronic.
    I'm betting it's got lots to do with the fact that he's an easy figure to slap together using pre-existing Wolverine parts.

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    Re: Upcoming Marvel Figures (Large List)

    I really like the Marvel Legend line; I think it's the best, if not one of the best out on the market. I Finally have Vision (x2) in my possession, he's a sweet figure but he's lacking a friend (Goliath), who's a chase figure or one of the short packed figures. What's up with this anyways? Vision was hard enough to find & he's not even a chase figure for G's sake. I really wish the case assortments / distribution would become a little better so that big kids (myself) & little kids (my son) don't have search the globe for their product. Figures I'm tired of are Iron Man, Wolverine, & Ghost Rider, (enough already). End of rant.

    I'm really looking forward to the Dr. Strange wave (ML9), some really cool figures in that assortment. (Dr. Strange, Bullseye, Prof X, & Nigthcrawler) (ML10) Looking pretty good, have to wait & see them first. Not sure what wave the ultimate Goblin & another wolverine is in but I wonít be buying either of them for obvious reasons discussed by others. I hope PM & IF look good, if so Iíll be picking those two up as well.


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