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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast View Post
    Spiral's an awesome figure. One of the best ones ever in the ML line.
    I got lucky and found the Spiral variant (the one with the helmet off) !!
    I agree with beast she is an amazing figure !

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    Here's the pic of the spiral variant !!

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    That's pretty keen. But I think I like the basic version more.

    Not a fan of the gold weapons or the way the helmet looks.

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    something i gotta say. . .

    I loved Marvel Legends, I really did. And I stand by the fact that Toy Biz's legends line was and is the best toy line to date. (Yes cooler than Star Wars and MEgo. . .) Though with Hasbro the line has been really tough to track down, but nothing drastic as i only collect characters i like. Though with the past few waves i've been getting a little weirded out and down right ****ed off. First Red Hulk. . .I gotta buy all the figures to get the only one out of the wave i actually want? Then the Wal-Mart Wave...I gotta get a bunch of re do's and MISc characters to get Ares? WTF? This build a figure crap has gotten out of hand and has murdered this line. It's cool for huge characters like Fing Fang Foom, Galactus ETC, but for normal sized characters it's getting really old. Sorry for the rant but Ares being a BAF is just wrong.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    You could just buy the Marvel Select Red Hulk.

    Buying figures you don't want to get the BAF has been an aspect of the line since the BAF concept began. Trust me, I've done it myself. The only wave I felt really was justified was the Sentinel in ML10. Since all of the figures but one were X-Men related. And regarding the size, the day of massive BAFs is over with. Especially with the price of oil. Hell it was over with after Apocalypse. Mojo and MODOK certainly weren't huge. Not to mention there's only so many recognizable HUGE characters who could be done.

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    Got a look at the Ares wave of figures at Walmart the other day. Picked up a few of the figures, and here's my quick review of the wave...

    Ultimate War Machine: Nothing new here. A repaint of an earlier figure that was cool enough, but not worth buying again.

    Kang: I bought Kang and like Kang very much, but he's not an extraordinary figure by any means. The head (face) sculpt is good though, the paint is decent, and it's a nice, tight, well made toy... so I'm happy.

    Guardian: A big disappointment seeing as how this was one of the few that I wanted from this series. The paint on two of the figures that I saw was terrible, and I had to pass. I'll keep an eye open for a better version, but I'm in no hurry now.

    Scarlet Spider: Nice enough looking figure, but I have no feelings for this version of Spidey.

    Vision: Big disappointment number two here. Seeing as how I'd missed the Toy Biz version of this figure, I was looking forward to this one. The sculpt is decent (fair really), but again the paint was loose and sloppy on the two that I saw. In particular the paint on his head was really bad. I'll probably just pop for an old Toy Biz version on eBay now, and skip this unless I see one that's perfect at some point.

    Heroes Reborn Iron Man: As much as I'm a sucker for just about any comic book version of Iron Man, I have no feelings for this one. That, and I'm not really impressed by the way it looks. The sculpt is far less than dynamic... and he kind of seems to have a smallish head.

    Crossbones: Who?

    Human Torch: This figure was the biggest surprise of the bunch, as I didn't expect to want it. I'd call this the best version of Torch that I've seen, and seeing as how I managed to score the transparent version, I'm calling this one of the best ML figures that I've bought in a while. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for transparent (clear plastic) figures, but even so, I think they did a really nice job with the sculpt (head isn't too small or weird looking), and all of the articulation seems perfect. Going back to the Kang figure, one of the things that sort of bothers me is the hip articulation that they chose (he stands bowlegged.) The Human Torch figure is handled so much better--very smartly done.

    (Pics later, and "somewhere" else. )

    Lastly... I have ZERO interest in the Ares build-a-figure from this series, so I'm in absolutely no rush to buy this entire set. And though the post Red Hulk series figures have gone back down in price to around $10, I'm still not feeling that I'm getting my money's worth from these toys, as most of them seem to be heavily reliant on recycled parts and are plagued by crappy loose paint jobs. I'm seeing about a dollars worth of effort (if that) from the figures in this wave... and I'm pretty sure that Hasbro can do better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish View Post
    Crossbones: Who?
    Really? He's been a pretty major player in Captain America for almost twenty years now. Maybe longer.
    That's my jacket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Really? He's been a pretty major player in Captain America for almost twenty years now. Maybe longer.
    Since '89... I looked it up. Which is also your way of telling that I probably haven't read a Captain America book (or that many others) since around '84.

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    The Hasbro Marvel Q&A's are finally coming back. Here's what's up so far.

    Action Figs:
    Hasbro Marvel Q&A

    Hasbro delivers just under the wire so that we have something extra to be thankful this coming Thanksgiving Day. We submitted a diverse number group of questions this time around, and got some interesting answers. Hasbro even gave us a gift with Bonus Answer. How nice of them, and it's not even Christmas yet!

    ActionFigs: Any plans for the characters from 'Agents of Atlas' to get some love in one of the figure lines anytime soon? The original mini-series featuring the so-called '50's Era Avengers' was a huge hit, even getting nominated for an Eisner. And now the team is getting their own ongoing that is launching out of Secret Invasion. Seems perfect for Marvel Universe.

    Hasbro: While we don't see these 50's flashback players making it into the 2009 lineup (it's jam-packed with others right now), we do plan to weave in a few era specific characters /costumes starting with a classic Ms. Marvel. That doesn't mean that M-11 or Marvel Boy couldn't make it into the 2010 lineup, but Dark Hawk and Luke Cage are ready to fight them for a spot!

    ActionFigs: Marvel Apes seems to have turned out to be a pretty major surprise hit for Marvel Comics. Already managing to expand with 4 more One-Shots and Crossover plans for 2009. Any plans for even a couple figures based on the storyline showing up in any of the figure lines? Even if it's just the major players like The Gibbon, Captain America, Speedball, and Ape-X.

    Hasbro: Marvel Apes is well within the realm of possibilities, but it's not something that we have current plans for in 09.

    ActionFigs: Back in September we asked about the upcoming Mail-Away for the Nick Fury figure in the 3 3/4" Marvel Universe line. At the time we were told that you'd be revealing information about the mail-away shortly. However since then we haven't heard anything. Anything more to share in regard to Nick Fury? Or is he still deep undercover?

    Hasbro: You'll be seeing and hearing a lot more about Fury (and his top secret files) in December! All we can say right now is that the mail away figure will be really cool. More details will be made public soon.

    ActionFigs: We saw early concept art of Superhero Squad Wave 12 at SDCC during the slideshow presentation. The wave consisting of AXM Beast & Avalanche, Captain America & Black Widow, Spider-Armor Spider-Man & Rhino, and Spider-Man & Tombstone. Recently this wave came up for Pre-Order in the latest issue of Diamond Comics Previews. However we still haven't seen any actual pictures of it as of yet. Any chance that we can get get a look at the 4 Packs that comprise this Wave?

    Hasbro: Absolutely, check out new images of these figures (and a couple of other new Squad items) in the "new news" section of on November 25th.

    ActionFigs: A while back we were told that the Marvel team had finalized Wave 4 of the 3 3/4" Marvel Universe line. And were hard at work on Wave 5. Since it's a long time until the debut of the line, is there any chance we could get an update on who's coming in Wave 4? Something to wet our appetite and give us something new to talk about until the line debutes in March.

    Hasbro: If it were up to me I'd spill it all, but I crack easily under pressure. I'll give you one brand new 2009 character hint, but that's it. "We now know that he wasn't what he appeared to be back in the day". Discuss amongst yourselves.

    *Bonus Answer!
    You didn't ask, but we thought we'd drop you a hint about the upcoming Punisher figure in Wave 1 of Universe. If you see one on shelf, you might want to consider adding it to your collection.that's all we'll say."
    Cool Toy Review:

    Hasbro's Marvel Comics Q&A: The Answers!

    We've passed on 5 of your burning Marvel Comics questions! So check out the latest scoop we've got for you this all-new, all-different monthly Q&A session with Hasbro.

    Cool Toy Review: Is it still too early to talk about the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie toy line yet? We saw a great banner at SDCC, but there hasn't been a lot of info since then...what scale will this line be in?

    Hasbro: This has been a popular question over the past couple of months and the wait is almost over. There will be an announcement on December 17th (make sure to check out the news section of that will provide many of the answers here.

    Cool Toy Review: Will there be any new version of everyone's favorite Cajun thief X-Man, Gambit?

    Hasbro: I think a lot of X fans would arm wrestle you over the "everyone's favorite" part. A new version of Gambit as a Horseman of Apocalypse could be pretty cool. What costume or era would you want to see?

    Cool Toy Review: When you are selecting the characters for the line (Marvel Universe, Marvel Legends, Super Hero Squad), do you have a set number of characters that you NEED to include (and if so, who are they?) and how far obscure can you go with your choices before they are deemed "too obscure" (like Razorback!)

    Hasbro: Now, we can tell by your question that you're a fan of Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man and vintage 1970's Marvel lore. That means we like you already! What would you think of a Razorback and Lightmaster 2 pack? Wait...we already know the answer to that question.

    Seriously though, let's use Super Hero Squad as the example. We don't have to include specific characters in the lineup, but there are certain characters (like Spider-Man) that continually outsell others because of the kid focused nature of this line. For this reason, we do tend to utilize these perennial heavy hitters a lot and we pair them with guys like Shang Chi and the Sentry. Lots of people want these guys, but they need a little super star power mixed in with them.

    Cool Toy Review: We love Alpha Flight! Can we please get more characters from this much-missed team? (We're talking the John Byrne-era lineup here, nothing else)

    Hasbro: Now we're talking, and we couldn't agree more! The Universe line will get its Puck (and others) at some point. We'll get at least one classic Alpha in year one if it's the last thing we do!

    Cool Toy Review: We've recently flashed back to the classic Secret Wars toy line, which for many fans was the introduction to the Marvel Universe. However, the toy line did not last long and the majority of characters never got made. Would this be a storyline that you would consider re-visiting? I'd love to see all of the characters from the first issue's cover recreated in action figure form! (and with the characters we've seen so far, you're on the way already!)

    Hasbro: Would we ever consider re-visiting the crossover series that launched em' all? Heck yeah. There are a bunch of key characters from this arc that simply need to get made, starting with Klaw. We've said many times before that almost everything is on the table for Universe, it all depends on how far collectors and fans want us to take it. If you want to go one step further, who wouldn't want the Beyonder in his 80's style leisure suit from Secret Wars II? Who's with me?
    Kastor's Corner:
    Interview: Hasbro Answers Nov 08

    Well it looks like right before the big shopping day Hasbro gives us some answers and asks some questions back of the fans. Let's see what they have to say.

    Kastor: Will we be seeing any army building packs in SHS? Since GH tends to repack troopers, will SHS do the same with Hand Ninjas, SHIELD Agents, and Skrulls, etc?

    Hasbro: Yes, in fact there is a SHIELD / Skrull 2 pack coming out in the very near future.

    Kastor: Scale has been an issue with Hasbro's original sculpts lately: Union Jack, Silver Surfer, Namor, and Vison come to mind. Can we see a return to a scale more in line with previous Marvel Legends?

    Hasbro: As collectors know, there are cases where an existing base body sculpt is utilized for more than one character. This translates to an excellent representation of the original inspiration for the body and a good match (but not absolutely perfect) for the subsequent uses. Trust us when we say that we'd love to do completely new and original sculpts for each and every character that we put in the lineup, but the business reality is (with mass market action figure lines) that it isn't possible to do that. Let's take your first example, Union Jack. The base body comes from Quicksilver, so it wasn't sculpted specifically for UJ, but it's a darn close match and we've actually gotten a lot of great feedback on this one. Let's get real specific - are you referring to the height, the bulk or both?

    Kastor: In Marvel Legends there has been a set number of figures in a wave. The number seems to fluctuate between 6 and 8. What can we expect for the 3 3/4 line for waves? Also, if those numbers are set, how many waves can we expect for 2009?

    Hasbro: There are currently 5 waves planned for 2009 and the number of figures per wave will vary. There will be at least 34 single carded figures but there might also be plenty of other fun surprises along the way.

    Kastor: Will the Fury Files figures be compatible with the current Hulk Movie figures?

    Hasbro: They would certainly live together if you were to pose them out in the same diorama, but they weren't specifically designed to be a part of the same line if that's what you mean.

    Kastor: We are drawing to a close of the Marvel Legends for 2008, and nothing about 2009 has been announced for the 6 inch line. Any teams or characters we might look forward to in 2009 for the 6 inch collectors? And may i offer Blink as a great suggestion to start 2009 off with?

    Hasbro: The Exiles have a few alternate reality versions of characters that would make great additions to the Legends line. Blink is an awesome place to start along with Morph. However, we aren't ready to make any new 6" announcements just yet.

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    *Bonus Answer!
    You didn't ask, but we thought we'd drop you a hint about the upcoming Punisher figure in Wave 1 of Universe. If you see one on shelf, you might want to consider adding it to your collection.that's all we'll say."
    That sounds rather scary to me. It seems like they might be implying that The Punisher is going to be a chase figure. Chase figures can be a cool little bonus sometimes, but a character as widely known and liked as Punisher really, really needs to be available to everyone who wants him. I will be highly displeased if I have to resort to paying a scalper to add such an iconic character to my collection.


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