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    Screen Scenes 2...Just in case y'all may have missed this..... have BOTH the Geonosian War Chamber II and the Jedi High Council II IN STOCK and ready to ship......the best part.....only $5 more than what Amazon was charging for the set shipped. Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter when you order, you save $4 instantly.

    Thought I'd pass on the good news.
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    Yep, mine arrived yesterday from them.

    Very impressed with them. Especially the Geo War Room. The table is really fantastic once hooked up with the other half.

    Shu Mai (sp?) is a much better looking figure than I'd expected, although mine does not seem to stand up too well without leaning on the table!

    Passel is truly superb, a figure I've wanted since EpI (I can't remember seeing him in Ep I, only in EPII, but he was in the Ep I Visual Dictionary).

    Nute is Nute, better than the last one though.

    As for the Jedi set, well they're fine. I'm much more of a Senator chap than Jedi fan. I have enough Jedi now, though got them of course


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