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    2003: Attack of the Figures We Don't Have

    I have decided to do something differnt. In this thread I want everyone to rank the figures they don't yet have because it is to hard to find at retail. Note: This is only for the toys you don't yet have.
    I'll start, obviously.

    Obi-Wan Acklay-decent figure, good accessories, but a BUTTON!!! A BUTTON!!! What was Hasblow thinking?
    Mace Total Control-Well, at least they decided to get rid of the plastic cape for soft goods. But holy cow!!! It has a frigin who knows what on the back of it. That thing gives me an eye sore.
    Darth Tyranus-Another button. That sucks!!! At least he comes with force lightning this time.
    Anakin SC-Yes, finally a good figure. Which is probably why I can't find it. I can't believe it is Collection 1. It has a robotic hand, a good sculpt, articulation, a blast effect, can be used for Weedings, and for Clone War battles. And best of all it has no BUTTON!!! This is by far the best Anakin figure
    Chewie Mynock-Of the two times I have seen the Throne Room Duel case I still can't find this figure so it must be somewhat good. Well lets see. It's to scale, has a Mynock, and a crossbow. Okay, it's good.
    Yoda and Chian-WOW!!! An amazing sculpt. Two figures, a flying chair. By far the best figure of this year.
    Ashla and Jempla-It completes the circle of Younglings and best of all it has two figures that are beyond excellent.
    Padme Weeding-Goes with Anakin SC and has a balcony and some flowers. I must have it.
    Coleman Trebor-Oh why I don't have yee yet I wish I knew. Oh great Jedi how I must have ye to complete my Jedi Collection
    Wat Tambor-Great sculpt, has a big holo ship thing, can explode, and has weird voice changer. A must have figure.

    I will not yet comment on the Emperor wave since it just came out.
    Everyone else who has trouble finding figures please comment on these great figures that you still can't find or don't own for those of you who have passed on R2 factory or the repacks.
    Come vote in my Best Figure thread this Preview Month.

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    Believe it or not, I actually found Hoth Han, Cheiwe, Anakin, Tyranus, Mace, and Obi-Wan at Target yesterday.

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    The only Saga 2003 figures I'm missing are Wedding Padmé, repack Darth Maul, and the Emperor wave. So not too horrible, even though I saw Padmé and Maul once and never again . . .
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    I'm missing the repacks, but want to get them as I missed out when they were originally out.

    What is in the next wave to come out (excluding Clone Wars) does anyone know? I've got up to the Emperor Wave, but beyond that I'm not sure.

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    OK, since just yesterday I was finally able to score a Pit of Carkoon Fett, Throne Room Duel Luke & Vader, Hoth Rescue Han, Snowtrooper, and Mynock Hunt Chewie, I've got considerably less to hunt for these days!

    The only "Clone Wars" 3-pack I really want is the Jedi Army. I've seen the rest--in fact, the Battle Droid Launcher is already the newest peg-warmer--and I'm not interested. I haven't seen any CW basic figures yet, and I want them all! Yoda looks the best so far, but shirtless Kit Fisto has amazing detail, based on the pics. I'm really looking forward to Asajj Ventress, too.

    The Emperor looks ... odd, to be kind. Haven't seen him yet, nor the Maul, Han, Jango, Vader, and Luke repacks. Might get Maul, Vader, and Luke, probably as custom-fodder.

    Who else is due out now? Well, either way, I can't get anything until I actually see it on the shelves, and that's a rarity in these parts ... until yesterday, at least.
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    Here is a list of figures I do not yet have:

    1. rebel trooper black hair
    2. imperial officer brown hair
    3. lama su
    4. aayla secura
    5. barriss offee
    6. yoda and chian
    7. ashla and jempa
    8. amidala wedding
    9. wat tambor
    10. coleman trebor
    11. maul repack
    12. han repack
    note: some of the repacks I am not collecting! These figures I have NEVER seen at retail. Hopefully, I will find them one day!
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    Irish collector.

    Don't have Barriss Offee, Anakin secret ceremony and snowtrooper(never got the '97 one either).

    Everything else people have mentioned here I have seen and purchased at Forbidden planet dublin w/ exception of the new packaging repacks(couldn't be arsed), and Darth Vader throne room duel(my '95 vader, vader VS Xixor, flashback photo Vader, '98 removeable helmet vader, commtech vader, dagobah vader, emperor's wrath Vader, bespin duel vader and Imperial forces 4 pack vader will be quite enough I'll wager)

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    I've passed up Mynock Chewie twice, and right now I can't remember why, because I want that figure.

    Need Ashla and Jempa..

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    AOTC figs we don't have

    Wat Tambor can EXPLODE ?!?!? News to me...

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    I was missing uite a few until the local Target came throght this week. Now I got all of the '02 final 5, and '03 1-27.
    Although I'm still missing
    1. MIB KB Tie Fighter, everyone I see is dented
    2. Jedi Army
    3. Clone Pack (blue)
    4. Clone Pack (green)
    5. '03 deluxe obi wan
    6. '03 deluxe jango
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