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  • I want a blue deco'd Zutton w/ height change

    8 17.02%
  • I want the Non-Snivvian from Cloud City (Treva Horme)

    8 17.02%
  • I want the Snivvian from Cloud City (Wiorkettle)

    13 27.66%
  • I want the alien Bespin Guard (Utriss M'Toc, the Imzig)

    7 14.89%
  • I don't want any of these figures

    11 23.40%
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    I was one of the guys that voted for "do not want any." I like obscure aliens and all, but in the end the blue snaggletooth was an error. I don't need anything to step up and replace it, especially since we have got other aliens to fill the void. This isn't to say that if any of these figures were made I wouldn't buy them, I just wouldn't go out of my way to look for them.

    It is just like Wat Tambor. I wouldn't have made any special effort to get this guy, but I walked into target one day and saw him there so I got him. I have one now and will display him with the genosian war room if I ever pick that thing up. Bottom line for me, all the guys in the poll might make great figures, but like Wat (a good looking figure) no big whoop.
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    blue snagg update

    It'd be cool to see blue snagg updated, but I seriously doubt Hasbro would update an "error" figure when they've updated the correct form already. (but then w/ Hasbro, any fig is possible) I like 3 of the 4 listed above to be made into figs except the repaint of current Zutton- that's too blah!
    Since blue snagg was issued as a SW fig not ESB, these 3 wound not suffice. I personaly nick name my blue snagg "Tekkel" who already has a potf2 updated form. Hey if the vintage Greedo and "Walrusman" are acceptable vintage figs for thier movie counterpart then blue snagg makes a fair Tekkel

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    PS there is a Snivian on Jabba's sail barge that looks most like the blue snagg than the 4 listed above

    maybe w/ Hasbro's new concept of theme related waves for 2004, maybe we can hope for those 3 Cloud city suggestions and an IMPROVED Leia in Bespin Gown and the former CD-Rom Dinning room encounter Vader to be released

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    If we're talking about blue Snaggletooth I'd said Wiorkettle would be best substitute. Only because Wiorkettle is the same species as Zutton. I personal have never the alien Bespin Guard or other Cloud City alien. And I don't like the idea of a repainted Zutton, just to have a remake of a vintage mistake.
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    I say...Give us Wiorkettle & Treva Horme as a 2 pack. MOST of the photos showing them, have them together. I "think" there is a backstory (EU) that they are supposed to be a couple, or at least close associates.

    My official vote, goes to a repaint/reculpt Zutton.

    Provided he has longer legs, pale skin, red eyes, and black hair like the vintage one.

    I think the "silver" style cardback would be fine, since those have an explantion type back anyway.

    The question remains.........what would they call him?

    Should he just be labeled "Blue Snaggletooth", or something more creative?

    Me personally, I'd like plain SNAGGLETOOTH just fine.

    I'd even buy it if it were in a baggie, or a white mailer box.

    Whatever, just make the dang thing!
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    Here's what I think Hasbro should do. Release ALL of the characters but re-issue the vintage Sears Cantina Blue Snaggletooth as a Commemorative Edition. This will please the nostalgic fans as well as put something that has been an extremely rare collectible into the hands of everyone who missed out on it as a child. In fact, I don't see why Hasbro does not re-issue the old Cantina set or re-issue old vintage figures in original packaging again like they did shortly after Return of the Jedi with the Landspeeder, Tie Fighter, X-Wing and Dewback. They at least re-issued Generation 1 Transormers again, why not Vintage Star Wars? I think we need a new poll for this one.

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    Tycho, changes made. You should tell Steve about you being unable to alter the poll once its gone up.

    I voted for none of the above - if we go with this, why not Walrusman in gaudy purple & orange outfit or Luke with yellow lightsaber or Greedo with wonky green duds or any of the other myriad of Kenner goof ups from '78 to '85? Just because Hasbro released POTF2 Endor Han with blue pants first doesn't mean the Saga figure should be released that way too, so I don't understand a need for a tall, blue Snags when we already have 1 Snags too many in the modern line for my tastes.
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    I don't want any of them. Make a new Lobot, a black Bespin Guard, and a Cloud Car pilot That's all I really care about as far as Bespin figures go.
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    I said Treva Horme, but I'm unclear on what the real question really is.

    As JT said, why bother with characters who weren't in the films (if we're talking about Hasbro errors in design)? I mean, you get the vintage screw up (if you want a complete collection) and forget it.

    There are a host of characters who have yet to be shrunk into 3" versions of themselves. I don't see the point in rehashing a mistake. Two blue Snaggletooths don't make a right.

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    is common sense creeping into a SSG poll? for once, there are as many people voting for no figure as there are for ALL FIGURES! this is great. leave snaggletooth alone. the wonderful thing about the customizing aftermarket is that collectors who are truly fanatical about having collections to display on the wall can get all sorts of odd things, a custom blue snaggletooth modeled with the new zutton body for instance.

    i had the blue and red snaggletooths as a kid and probably sold them both together with a beach ball for $.50 at a garage sale in 1986. a complete remake of the old star wars line isn't as interesting to me as well-made, definitive figures of NEW characters that haven't yet seen life in plastic. take it from toybiz- they stopped making 100 repaints of cyclops and wolverine and started making detailed and well-thought-out figures for the legends line and people started to take notice.


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