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  • I want a blue deco'd Zutton w/ height change

    8 17.02%
  • I want the Non-Snivvian from Cloud City (Treva Horme)

    8 17.02%
  • I want the Snivvian from Cloud City (Wiorkettle)

    13 27.66%
  • I want the alien Bespin Guard (Utriss M'Toc, the Imzig)

    7 14.89%
  • I don't want any of these figures

    11 23.40%
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    If Lusasfilm gets involved, they might as well create a cameo appearance of the blue snaggletooth error figure in Episode III! If Lucas can honor Spielberg by putting a glimpse of ET in Episode I, he can certainly honor Kenner by creating an onscreen version of the tall, blue snaggletooth, with a quick glimpse of him standing at a cantina bar or in a nightclub - wouldn't that be hoot!

    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid
    Damn if you're not on to something here. I'm thinkin' that Lucasfilm should get involved here and "give something back to the fans." They could start by doing what you suggest above, and for all those loyal collectors out there with a gazillion "midichlorian points," they could be entered into a contest to visit Skywalker Ranch and/or ILM.

    Who do we see about this?

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    You know ... I was gonna continue the joke about Lucas and ILM getting involved, something like this ...

    Gee, ILM could even CG blue Snaggletooth into the next "special" edition of episode 4 (episode 4.2) that they put out. They could shrink wrap a blue snaggletooth figure to the box as a bonus.

    ... but, then I realized how sad that would be.

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    Well at least this poll confirms my suspisions that the blue Snivvian and her companion (who I think is known as a "Somahol"or something) did not actually make the final cut of ESB.I had seen photos before in the Steve Sansweet action figure archive along with the alien security guard but was unable to find them in the film
    Interestingly,as I check back on my giant-sized Marvel comic adaption from 1980, there are many aliens depicted throughout Cloud City including the tall "Somahol" alien(Treva Horme) and a lizard man.Maybe Dr.Connors was on Bespin doing research on limb reproduction.
    I remember being dissapointed as a kid that none of these aliens were in the film,but hey a 2-pack of the two Bespin aliens would cool,altough some of the aforementioned ideas about a commemorative edition of blue snaggletooth w/silver boots would also rate highly on the coolness factor.

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    Re: Which figure would you accept as a substitute for blue Snaggletoothe in the new line?

    Interestingly enough, here we are a year or more later, and HASBRO IS MAKING BLUE SNAGGLETOOTHE.

    A lot of you voted for him.

    Snaggletoothe will be included with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ponda Baba in a 2nd K-mart Exclusive Cinema Scene.

    I couldn't tell but will look more closely to see if this Zutton repaint is taller than the original POTJ Zutton released in 2001.

    If so, we have the real replacement for the vintage Blue Snaggletoothe and it totally reduces our Vintage Figure Re-Make List by a milestone since a Black Bespin Security Guard and Hoth Rebel Soldier Variation, a human B-wing Pilot, etc. are so much more reasonable to ask for and sure to sell - but the Blue Snaggletoothe takes the cake!

    There you go.

    Now will I buy this set to get him? No. It's not my priority. But I'm glad to see him offered to whomever's priority this is.

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    I'd like Utris M'toc myself, but since I already have him, I'll say Wiorkettle. Maybe they could release a blue repaint Zutton, perhaps as a K-Mart exclusive, since K-Mart owns Sears now.
    That's my jacket!

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    K-mart owns Sears? I had actually thought that was the other way around. I guess it doesn't matter, soon enough it'll just be WM.
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