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    Question Do you like the new re-design?

    Let us know what you think of the new re-design effort! Keep in mind we still have a few things to tweak (a few cross browser compatibility styling issues).
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    Not sure yet. Blue on white is soooo 2008, I was hoping for something more "vintage-y" this time around. Also it's feeling awfully narrow in here. I understand that you need to keep the site compatible with as many people as possible, but those of us with widescreen displays should be able to expand things out a bit.

    Oh well, I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually.
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    I would not say I dislike the new layout, but, like BigB, I'd prefer that users be able to set the forum section to appear wider, if that's possible.
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    Like the others I put "not sure yet". It'll grow on me I'm sure. I obviously liked the old layout but that was something I was familiar with it but change is good...
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    I've voted not sure yet... my initial thoughts are that the new posts are not so obvious - light blue versus light grey just doesn't seem distinct enough. And on the old forums, from the main menu, you would be taken straight to the first unread post, now you can only go to either the very first post in the thread or the last post.... or maybe I'm just not doing it right. I guess I'll get used to it, but right now I can't really see what's better... but then I never do like change!!
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    I like the the redesign a lot... I'm givin' it a yes, for sure. Crisper, brighter, bigger fonts, bigger avatars... nice.

    But I would echo those above: text is a smidge too narrow in the threads... a bit wider would be cool. That's my only nitpick.

    Great job, Steve and the gang!
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    I voted no.

    I do not like the blank white look, I do not like the overly narrow text boxes in the threads. I used the ctrl+ to increase size, but then some of the graphics look fuzzy. I'm sure I will find a dozen or so odd quirks that annoy me the more I use the forums as well.

    It's nothing personal, I just don't adapt well to some types of change. This is one of those changes. Then again, I wasn't happy when SSG set up the new forums back in, what was it, 2001.

    I'm sure it will grow on me, though I must admit, I agree BigB, I was hoping for something more vintage styled/themed.
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    It's ok, just like anything it takes getting used to. I notice that pictures in some of threads don't appear, but rather you can click on them instead. Don't know if that's an "upgrade" but that's ok.

    There's not as many active threads listed off to the side as before. Probably because they contain some of the text from the last post therefore limiting the number of active threads visible.
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    "And on the old forums, from the main menu, you would be taken straight to the first unread post, now you can only go to either the very first post in the thread or the last post.... or maybe I'm just not doing it right.'

    I like the new layout and design, but have to agree that not being able to go to the first unread post is tedious. Don't like having to scroll backwards and try to remember what was the last post I read in the forum. Am I doing it wrong as well?
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    Ah now I see it. Still extra steps, but go to the first page of the forum and view first unread link is there. So, my avatar disappeared how do I recover it? Tried going to my profile but not sure how to recover/replace it. Guess I need to spend more time looking around. Thanks for the great site Sir Steve!


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