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  • I want a blue deco'd Zutton w/ height change

    8 17.02%
  • I want the Non-Snivvian from Cloud City (Treva Horme)

    8 17.02%
  • I want the Snivvian from Cloud City (Wiorkettle)

    13 27.66%
  • I want the alien Bespin Guard (Utriss M'Toc, the Imzig)

    7 14.89%
  • I don't want any of these figures

    11 23.40%
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    Which figure would you accept as a substitute for blue Snaggletoothe in the new line?

    Hey! See the picture below BEFORE YOU VOTE!

    Nostalgic fans want all the original 102 characters made in the vintage line by Kenner, remade up to modern standards by Hasbro today.

    Probably the most controversial figure amongst the 12-15 you could make a case for still needing re-doing, is "Blue Snaggletoothe."

    Originally, Zutton appeared in both A New Hope, and the Holiday Special. But he was cut out of ANH in editing. Takeel got left in (seated near where Han blasts Greedo). Kenner only had a black and white set photo to work with, and since Zutton was seated, they had no idea he was a shorter alien - or what color his costume was.

    Kenner released a blue Snaggletoothe with the special Sears catalog special cardboard catina (yes they had exclusives back then, too). He was a standard height and wearing blue.

    When the Holiday Special aired, and Lucasfilm caught Kenner's error, the figure was corrected (just like Luke's glove on the wrong hand thing today), and red Snaggletoothe, an authentic Zutton for the vintage line, was released on a 21-back card shortly before The Empire Strikes Back figures were released.

    Today, Blue Snaggletoothe is regarded as an error figure, but a highly valuable one since the red figure is more common.

    The Question is, for nostalgia's sake does a blue Snaggletoothe have merit in today's line?

    Old (and incorrect rumors) had it that Kenner had made the error because they had confused images of the other characters shown to you in this poll: Treva Horme and Utriss M'Toc. Seeing them in the image attached, that's a little hard to believe.

    However, these characters, or another Snivvian (Wiorkettle wore blue)might make a good replacement for some nostalgic fans who still count Blue Snaggletoothe as another true figure of the vintage collection.

    Additionally, Cloud City has some good offerings (like the Ice Cream Maker Guy) that are often overlooked, and Empire Strikes Back remains the film with the least amount of new character offerings.

    Wiorkettle offers another true Snivvian, and a female I believe.

    Treva Homre is also female, and a very interesting alien at that.

    Utriss M'Toc shows by example that not only humans could serve the infamous Bespin Wing Guard (Lando's security troops).

    My poorly photoshopped blue Zutton stands in for those who want an exact replacement for the vintage Snaggletoothe, though Hasbro would need to alter his height.

    Which one do you like?
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