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    Who are these dignitaries?

    So far I've seen lots of things that we're pretty sure will be in E3, but here is a few things that I would really like to see explained.

    I'm sure there's a bunch of EU junk about the imperial dignitaries, but i would really like to see some explanation of who they are. I mean no one, not even vader, had that kind of access to the emperor. Plus they both looked to be several zillion years old just like palpy. It would stand to reason that they must be very close friends and most trusted advisors. However, Palpatine is already a very old man in E2, and still, there is no sign of these guys. Maybe he hides them in the closet or something. It would have made sense to see them hanging at his sides in E1 & 2, but instead it is mas amedda and others. I'd just like to see some reference to these mysterious people and understand why they have higher clearance than any imperial under the emperor.

    In light of the above, it would also be really cool to see the royal guards actually do something. They are supposed to be the baddest of the bad -- the most elite troops in the empire. If in E3 we saw them in action it would really help understand their capabilities when you see them in ROTJ.

    Finally, after watching the SW movies recently, I noticed that you really don't see a whole lot of aliens in the OT -- Except for the cantina and jabba's palace. Those locations are, of course, on an outer rim world. But there are no aliens in the empire, in bespin, and few in the rebellion. In the PT, most of the jedi are aliens, so I was wondering if Palpatine had to exterminate lots of aliens to make sure the force users would become extinct -- or maybe he just enslaved the aliens as he did the wookies??? Anyway it would be interesting to see some sort of explanation for this, too.

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    The aliens are not present because the Empire is species-ist as is Palpatine. He despises alien lifeforms and seeks to push them as far into the outer rim as possible or use them as cheap labour in the Imperial mines etc. He's also sexist because there are no female Imperial troopers or officers.

    The dignitaries are advisors and political supporters of palpatine from way back when he was just a senator. They worked behind the scenes bribing and pursauding others to vote in Palpatines campaigns and helped him get elected to Chancellor. They still work for him when he becomes Emperor as his trusted aides and spies. Some take care of business ventures and others simply advise on policy and 'diplomatic' matters. that's as clear as i can make it summarising what's been written about them.
    I'm sure someone will come in and refute me by posting tomes of EU literature. but this is just an honest answer.

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    Don't worry Emperor Jargo, I totally support your position on the Dignitaries because the Visual Dictionaries to SW state just what you said. Still I would like to see them plotting or doing something in the next movie.

    I would love to see the Emperor's guards knock some heads in the next movie, but that would be just too good of a wish to come true.

    As for the Aliens in the Empire, I'm positive that in the next movie we will see why this is. I'm confident that the Emperor will blame the aliens for all the troubles in the Galaxy because aliens are causing the trouble. Nemodians, banking clan, senators, and so on. He will also attack the aliens because many of these creatures can exploit him. Aliens like Mas Amedda, Toonbuck Tora, and others, and since the Jedi have allot of aliens, and the Jedi are not the instrumental power in the republic Palpy will dethrone them too. I can't wait for episode III. Just a year and a half to go!!!!
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