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    clone wars value packs

    Where are you all finding them and how much do they retail. I am talking about the anakin, yoda, and ARC that come with clone troopers. has each one for $19.95 a piece or the entire set of them for $54.95 I wondered how far off from retail are they, and I wanted to ask you all if these packs will be hard to come by, or should they be fairly easy to find
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    So far there is no true sense as to the availability. With the store that's selling these not even being announced yet, it's hard to form an opinion. If it's Target or TRU, then they should be in reasonable quantities. If K-Mart, well...bleh, if KB's,it might just be so-so.

    As far as cost goes, since this is a 2 pack (never mind that it says bonus pack-the retailer will see it as two pack and charge accordingly) we should be able to purchase this for no less than $8 anywhere up to $12 because of the "exclusivity" of the product.

    Certainly the Arc Trooper/White Clone will be in the highest demand because of the Arny Building issue. Then the Yoda with Yellow clone, just because the Yellow was more prevalent than the bluse clone in the movie.

    Hold out an don't get ancy about this. If we all can stick to our guns then the e-tailers selling this for scalping prices will HAVE to come down, because once it hits at retail and the average consumer can by it for half the price of what the e-tailer sells it for, they'll not have much of a choice. True the bonus packs may not be as readily available in some area as others, that's were having contacts here can help out alot. If you would pay say $10 (guessed retail price) then throw $2-3 shipping for each set, you'll save big in the long run. And if you do that through another member here, not only can you make a good contact but others will be more willing to deal with you in the future if you have a good reputation here.

    So in my opinion, wait it out a little. See which store has the exclusive, and then if in your area they don't start showing up when you see others post here about their finding them, then make fast friends and ask others here to buy for you.

    Good Luck, and let's hope this isn't the fiasco many foresee it to be.

    BTW, these are supposedly not due to hit retail until late fall (November is my guess) So don't pay more to be first, unless you really really really really want them and don't mind burning a few bills.
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    Thats cool. thanks for the advice. I will do as you said and wait instead of ordering now. I am a big fan of saving the cash. and I am in know rush to get them. It makes me a little mad they couldnt just sell the clones single. What am I gonna do with all the extra yodas and anakins. The ARC trooper is great though. Oh well. I dont like these value packs, I wish these clones were sold individually. But you got to admitt, it is a hell of a marketing scheme by the hasbro. Cuz everyone will be forced to pay for two figures when they are only gonna need one. Brilliant and Sucky all in one
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    I wish more people would be willing to visit the trading forum and try to help. It seems like only a couple of us check it out every day. Ive read some say that it isnt their responsibility to help somebody fill out their collection, true but you never know when you may need help looking for a figure.

    Im hoping to get a yellow clone and a green one too. I dont feel like i need anymore blue or reds right now. Im confident they will show up around here.
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