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    Hyperspace: Ryan Church & Dan Gregoire Chats!

    Ryan Church, Concept Design Supervisor, will be chatting to fans on Friday 5th September 1:00pm Pacific time, 4:00pm Eastern time, 9:00pm UK time, and Saturday 6th September 3:00am Sydney time.


    Dan Gregoire, Previsualization Effects Supervisor, will be chatting to the fans on Tuesday 9th September 5:00pm Pacific time, 8:00pm Eastern time, Friday 10th September 1:00am UK time, 7:00am Sydney time.

    I had to work out the UK and Sydney times myself, so they're probably completly wrong .

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    Some interesting stuff revealed in the Ryan Church chat :

    - We will see prototype TIE Fighters.
    - There is a new looks for space locations to avoid repetition with the other movies (I'm guessing we will see something more than just stars in space then, perhaps a dust cloud/galaxy or something).
    - Seperatist planets have been designed but are not in the current cut of the movie (this could change though).
    - There is a new really cool location on Coruscant.
    - There will be evidence of Rebel Alliance spacecraft.
    - The new Federation Cruise ship is a huge massive war ship, and looks familiar.
    - There is a new Naboo location.
    - We will see some cool new takes on medic droids.
    - We will see the fire ship putting out a fire on Coruscant.
    - Ryan mentioned "The seven planets of the Clone War" but does he mean there are seven planets in the movie, or there were seven planets involved with the actual war? Not all "seven planets of the Clone War" have made it into the movie.
    - The new bad guy is very distinctive, he has a memorable role and is central to the plot.
    - There will be an X-Wing prototype.
    - There are no more members of the Yoda species.
    - Dooku's Solar Sail is not in Ep3.

    "You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you!" - Obi-Wan Kenobi
    "There's a gentleness about a total Star Wars geek that is sublime."- Rick McCallum
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    That was pretty informative. Why would they go back to Naboo? X-wing and TIE Fighter prototypes sound
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    Thanks Pendo. Its good to see that they finally had a chat earlier so you didn't have to stay up all night.

    Well, since they mentioned that Padme's family was going to be in the film, I assumed we would see Naboo again.

    The Rebels and prototypes really don't suprise me. Considering the timeframe in which the movie is set, it makes sense. I always thought Darth Maul's ship looked a little bit like a TIE fighter. Isn't the Z-95 headhunter basically the X-Wing prototype?

    Any bets on if the new location on Coruscant is the lava pit from the old ROTJ concept drawings?
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    Exclamation RE: the TIE prototype...

    They had mentioned the new Jedi Starfighter would look a little more like the Delta-7 Aethersprite and a TIE Fighter. I'm guessing that is to what they had been referring.
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    New takes on medic droids...hmmm could it be? They are helping Anakin survive and place him in the familiar vader armor!! Yep, pretty sure at that point we will see many medic droids.
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    Perhaps we'll finally see the FX-7 doing some dicing and slicing with those many arms it has. Or rather an earlier version of it. Different attachments like rotary cutting blades and saw arm, demonic looking needle atachments and such like. Perhaps they'll be a dark looming machine hovering over the body like a robot production line readyto whisk away the discarded bits and bring in the cybernetic bits. Amost like the Geonosis droid factory was a foreshadowing of some even more diabolical creation.
    Or maybe the droids will be mostly cybernetic themselves with human parts, half monster and half droid. A frankenstein vision of previous attempts now working on the final solution. or maybe the medic droids will look like EV-9D9. Malevolent and sadistic. No anaesthetic for Anakin just a straight cut and sew job. And all the while palpatine looking on with a smug grin on his face while his aides cower and grimace at the revoltingly vile torture and pain of the surgery procedures. And Anakin writhing and screaming in abject fear and hellish mental anguish, absolute terror and an infinity of pain tearing through his very soul turned bad and dark as the eyes of the dead...................

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    What I want to know is who is this new bad guy? It says he has "a lot of screen time, a memorable role and is central to the plot". It makes me wonder if it's some kind of Dark Jedi, a Bounty Hunter or a Mercenary that's helping the Seperatists. Maybe it's a henchman of Count Dooku's? JarJarBinks, do you have ANY idea? Does anyone have ANY idea cause it's driving me crazy! They've confirmed it won't be Durge which is a good thing. I doubt it'll be Boba Fett cause he'll only be 13. It makes me wonder if it'd be a Young Tarkin cause you kinda get the feeling he was ruthless in his youth.
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    Yeah. probably Tarkin. Well, tarkin wouldn't be young in EP3, he's middle aged in ANH so back up twenty years and make him 30 something. And make him captain of palpatine's crimson guard or something. A trusted flunky moving up the ladder. Lucas or McCallum said there'd be more senate stuff in EP3 so that's probably where he'll come in. To be a real bad guy you don't need to be shooting puppies or destroying planets, you just need to strike a nice evil pose and say things that sound mean. True baddies don't get their own hands dirty. They just tell everyone how bad they are and what unspeakable things they've done but without feeling guilty about doing so. Sidious and Tarkin rather than Sidious and Dooku. Engineering the downfall of the republic. Palpy doesn't need Dooku anymore he has a new apprentice, but what he does need is someone to manage the new Empires business for him especially in far flung places. Or to take control of the cloning of the troopers once the Jedi are defeated.
    I think we're talking about tarkin being the baddie here. Introducing too many new characters to the saga would be stupid, especially at this stage but if it's a character we'll see further on in the saga then it makes sense if that character plays an important role. Tarkin is the b******** who destroys Alderaan. He changes the tide of the rebellion in doing so. Tarkin is pretty much the catalyst for the first seriosly large uprising against the Empire. So i'd reckon he's pretty important at this stage in the saga just as bail organa is important to show the beginnings of the rebel movement.

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    I wonder if the new Federation Cruise Ship will actually be a Star Destroyer I, the version not actually seen in the OT.


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