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    Star Wars Hamilton plates

    Awhile ago I was collecting the Star Wars Hamilton plates. There was a plate that they were going to produce with Jabba the Hutt on it. Well the plate never came, and when I called they told me that they had lost the license to produce the plates. My question is, does anyone know if any Jabba plates were ever produced? I'm trying to complete my collection. Also is anyone selling their Hamilton plates? I'm missing a few from the series that came out sometime in the 80's.
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    I don't have any of the plates, but this site... indicates that a Jabba the Hutt was released.

    Another useful site for a complete listing, is here...

    The cargo bay..
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    Thank you r2dee2! I always thought that perhaps it never made it to market based on what I was told when I called the folks at the Hamilton. Wow, does it ever bring in a good dollar amount. I'll have to save my nickels and dimes! And in the mean time, I will have to check my other plates and get a complete inventory on what I do have.
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    Well, I printed up the list from the SW collectors bible. I knew I was missing 3 plates from the original release of plates, or the ones with the matching mugs. I was suprised however to find that I had the trilogy collection of plates, and all the Ships plates, and all the heros and villians plates with the exception of the Jabba plate. I'm rather upset with Hamilton for telling me the Jabba plate was never made because LFL pulled the license.

    I will have to keep my eye open for those plates I am missing.

    I need the following plates:
    Tomart #
    CE003 Falcon cockpit
    CE004 Yoda and Luke
    CE007 Space battle

    22487 Jabba

    oh and this one I just noticed
    CE0010 SW 10th Anniversary plate
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    Re: Star Wars Hamilton plates

    I've never collected these, but my sister just got me two for Christmas. I have Han Solo in Mos Eisley Cantina and the Millennium Falon. They look very nice. I'll have to get a couple stands to display them on.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

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    Re: Star Wars Hamilton plates

    I've thought about collecting the plates -or at least a good lot of them. But I'm out of display space as it is (for now). They are great collectibles.
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