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    Angry T3 figures ever showin' up at Toys R Us??

    Does anyone know if Toys R Us is ever gonna get T3 figures? I can't afford the 12.99 KayBee is charging. Toys R Us seems to have all Mcfarlane figs. but those!!!???
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    Doubt it. They've been out for a few months and are still a no show at TRU. And I also refuse to pay $13 a pop at places like Suncoast or Electronic B. Maybe if they go on clearance I'll pick them up.
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    Yeah, at this point I doubt you'll ever see them at TRU. But as far as the price goes, they would probably be $10.99 at TRU (that's how much the Aliens/Predator figs were. It's the typical $2 KB mark-up...

    If you want these figs, your best bet is to buy 'em now. I doubt they'll be around long enough to make clearance.

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    The only places I've seen any of them were at Electronics Boutique (Arnold with coffin only) and at KBToyworks (coffin and without coffin only). Not once have I seen the girl or her robot counterpart.

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    the local Meijer stores are just shock full of the entire series. You should ask one of the Ohio posters to get them for you. I would, but I leave for school in the morning and wouldn't ahve time to pick them up. The nearest meijer by my school is roughly 75-80 miles away too.
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    I keep passing on the Ahnuld w/ Coffin because I don't want to pay the 12.99 . . . I'd grab it for $10 in a heartbeat so why don't Ijust eat the $3 and get him?

    stillakid, I've not seen the TX Female figure either, but I have seen the robot version around here . . .

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    I've only found one TX Terminatrix at retail, and that was at Spencer gifts for $12.99. Other than that, I've only seen her at a comic shop for $20.

    I've heard that she's packed in the same amounts as the other figs, so she shouldn't be rare. Guess people just cant resist figures of hot women in tight leather outfits

    I haven't seen the box set anywhere though. Anyone know if that's been released yet?

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    I got the entire set at gamestop for around 8 or 9 (can't remember exactly) dollars each since I get a discount there so if anyone wants me to pick them up for them, give a hollar....last time I was there, they had all of them except the flesh TX.

    they also have the entire set for 42 or 42 dollars at my local comic shop if anyone is interested.

    The boxset should be coming out soon too

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    That's pretty cool Deoxy! Does gamestop have some kind of discount club, or do you just have a hook-up?

    You seen the variations on Arnie yet? My fave so far is the T850 without glasses (no coffin).

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    They just got a load in up here at TRU. I can try to help if people are still needing certain figures, but they're no real deal (Canadian price is 15.99 which would be about 11 or so US each).

    I know I've seen Arny with coffin and without (shades unknown) and the human looking TX.


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