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    Angry Hasbro's on-line auction

    Does anyone else think the on-line auction is a rip-off? Is this why we collected sooooo many Jedi points over the years? C'mon!!! 30,000 points for a Cantina scene you could pre-order from Brian's for much less( 30,000 Jedi points= 300 action figures at $6.00 each, retail--that's $1800.00!!!)
    Whatever happened to the days when sending a small # of points guaranteed exclusive figures? Why not offer Fan choice figures for 50 or so Jedi points, since collectors are basically the ones seeking these figures out?
    True, being a collector, I have more than enough points to cover the bids, but really--am I going to destroy 300 packages for one figure, and decrease the value of ANY of my collection? This is silly. Let me know if anyone else out there feels the same! It's an outrage!

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    Many of us feel the same way and there are many threads on this topic to prove it. DarthchuckMC and I have started a petition that Hasbro will see and hopefully realize the error in their ways.
    Come vote in my Best Figure thread this Preview Month.

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    I felt burned ever since I saw how many points that the items were going for. If I were able to go back in time with the knowledge of how many points I needed I still wouldn't have prepared for this for it would have cost me way too much money. Plus I don't think we should be expected to jump all these hoops like were circus animals just to get a figure like Kitik Keed'kak.

    I much prefer the hunt for a figure by making trips to retail stores now and then, but when a figure like this is so overwhelmingly out of reach it kills the desire to collect and I know it does for others, which is why Habro, in this instance, needs to appropriately remove their head from you know where so that can think clearly.
    Kitik Keed'kaks for everyone.


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