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    *Makes his seasonal appearance*

    Howdy all!

    Done moving and now everything is out and ready to sell.

    Dang it

    But anyway, I missed everyone so I thought I would drop in, start a new thread, and see where it went.

    I see the market has bombed out on the AF scene- damn Hasbro for killing the line! ARGH!

    While surfing Ebay this evening- I stumbled across this:

    Now then- this isn't really an extra-ordinary auction- except for the picture on the bottom, far right-

    Since when did they make an ERTL Action Fleet scaled Rebel Transport? I've never seen that before! Was it made while I was out or is it a model or something? I thought it was kinda' cool lookin' ^_^

    Thanks for dropping by ;-) Keep watching you-know-where...

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    best guess

    the ~9.5" size listed for the transport looks pretty close to the comparative sizes of the MilFal and transport in the ebay pic.
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    Theres a couple of ships there I don't have, might bid on that one, thanks for the tip warstar.

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    Thumbs down *starts his seasonal drop-in thred he won't read anyway*

    oh why bother- whether it's a thred he starts or not, does anyone here still expect ws to read any replies we post him? he's gotten even worse than glitch in that regard

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    Quote Originally Posted by vulcantouch
    oh why bother- whether it's a thred he starts or not, does anyone here still expect ws to read any replies we post him? he's gotten even worse than glitch in that regard
    Oh I read's whether or not I feel them to be reply-worthy is the other question

    Cool pics, siqnus! Thanks for the links!

    Glad I could help, Andy!

    Looks like I bailed at just the right time...there are so many figures I have missed now that it would literally take several thousands of dollars to catch up!

    In 5 years, when SW toys are dead again and the Dark Times begin anew, I wonder if I will be able to collect again.

    Anyway- how you doin' VT? Eh? Seen any good movies lately?

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    the transport shown in that auction is the micro machines rebel transport playset.

    even though it was released under the micro machines line, and not action fleet, it's scale fits action fleet perfectly.

    it's detail is fabulous, and if not owned in a collection of action fleet vehicles, it should be sought out, it is a wonderful star wars toy!
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    I'm right with you gsj!. The rebel transport was a suprisingly great play set ... with the little drop down door for the x-wing to slip out of, extending ramp, etc. I also found it one of the best detailed (maybe better than the Action fleet line) and big fun as it scales nicely with micro starfighters.

    Definitely worth picking up if you don't have it already.

    ...I think it's left to loosen, but cut the blue wire first anyway...

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    "it's whether or not I feel them to be reply-worthy"
    -HAH- good one i might be more inclined to take your word for this if i didn't already know you as well as i do; i refer you to your own profile's "all posts by this user" so you can check for yourself some of the replies to your prev. posts :happy:

    "Seen any good movies lately?"
    -seen Audition yet? this weekend i attended an xclusive screening of
    this by same director at prev-mentioned microtheater; Hump of same comin eventually-

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    Have not seen that yet, VT- will have to check it out. Look for Jet Li's "Hero" soon, too- it's wonderful (have a bootleg HK DVD of it- the only bootleg DVD I own- but it is SOOO good...) Otherwise, I am anxiously awaiting "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" here in a couple days!!!

    Back to the Transport-

    I am about to sell my Star Destroyer playset (sadly enough). I wish they had made the damned AF one- I would have bought that regardless, for I love the big Imperial Triangles...(still drooling over the Lego one, though I have no SW Lego's anymore ) Well, maybe for some silly anniversay edition thing they'll dig it out-

    I mean hec- they ARE making Unicron for the Transformers toyline- it's only 17 years late! I think I have to get that, too...and the rest of the Yamato 1/60th scale Macross Valkyrie line (only missing 3- and I want the 1/48th VF-1S and Low-Visibility VF-1A, to boot) and the Kaiyodo Neon Genesis Evangelion figures (only missing 2...)...see? I still collect


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