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    What's up with Boba Fett Carkoon?

    So I finally found several 2003 figures - including Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon) - on shelves after only 9 months, and bought some of 'em; the first one I open is Boba Carkoon, and the results prompted this thread...

    This is a figure that could have been "really good" but comes off as less-than because of some weirdness. Besides the obvious floppy arms and wonky missile from the gimmick, there's other stuff. The detail sculpts on most everything except the borrowed chest is a bit "soft" - including the rifle - a bit of a surprise compared to sculpts from POTJ and on.The base/exhaust flames are narrower at the top than the backpack nozzles they plug into, so they have to be stretched out a bit to get them to work at all, but they look odd this way and one sometimes pops out. The cape piece comes off too easily. The hole on the blast effect is off-center, so it looks pretty dopey from most angles. The arms dont line up on the gun together properly thanks in part to non-rotating wrists. And the paint lacks subtlety and small details.

    I don't get it, especially with a figure like this where it would be pretty easy to have a really good figure since it has a double-jointed knee with one being a ball-joint and a ball-jointed ankle. Even with borrowing pieces from previous Jango Fett figures, that would be overlooked easily enough from most types of collectors I think, but it seems to me like there's something that just went a little off on this one.
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    gee. sums it up for me.. looks like mine will stay in its package. I too just recently FINALLY found him. Things are starting to pick up round these parts.. finally.
    From the package though, he looks pretty good. Then again, I dont have him in front of me.
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    I agree with all that Jeditricks said too.... Plus I really wish they would have made both legs with the same articulation. It just seems off to me. I finally found this guy and a few others about a week or so ago & Boba does dissapoint a bit when opened up.

    I'd say the best out of the batch I found is SC Anakin, "rubberarm" Mace was surpisingly cool when opened too. It's probably the only figure that I actually grab off the shelf and play with

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    my boba is fine. i had some problems when i first got him out of the pack, but he looks great to me. the only thing i have to grip at is the thing about the cape...if i so much as breathe near it it falls off.
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    I too, found this figure to be "odd" in some of it's articulation. I thought "If Hasbro says they are looking at kids as their primary collectors, why would they make Boba this WAY?" Without the flames, you can't get him to stand up straight. I have mine blasting off the top of my television.
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    I thought I was the only one that felt this way about Boba. For much the same reasons already mentioned he was quickly forgotten. Until I saw the same figure but in a larger scale - Unleashed Boba! 2 of the same? C'mon guys!
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    I found him oddly enuf today also while looking for FFTA and the Onyx GBA SP but alas I'm a month early... but anyways my Boba isn't really that bad i've put him in a neutral pose standing up holding his rifle, and his arms suprisingly arn't wiggly... in fact they're kinda stuck of something... but anyways I have to say I do kinda like this figure.
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    Its alright, but I also am familiar with the cape problem and one of the rockets is on the verge of breaking such is its flimsiness. The best thing about the figure is-bizarrely-the blast effect.

    I'm just glad they rereleased the 300th edition Fett in the recent 4 pack, I missed it during the POTJ era and its definitely superior to the Carkoon figure.

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    Yeah I've had all of the above problems with my Fett as well and I wasn't to thrilled with the bright paint job on the armor either. Shouldn't Boba have a bit more wheathered look like in the film from which this figure is based? Also what is up with the blue then changed to green jumpsuit. Overall this figure had lots of potential but failed to deliver IMO.

    An average figure at best. Cool blast effect though.
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    I'm going to have to agree with everything that has already been said. Since I ordered this thing from an online retailer, I didn't really see it before I bought it. Had I seen it in the store first, I would have passed on it. This figure is more fit for a cereal box or a happy meal.
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