View Poll Results: To what extent do you want to see all the Vintage Figures redone?

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  • Remake every single vintage version not shown in the modern line.

    224 40.95%
  • Remake just the vintage not shown by any version in the new line.

    205 37.48%
  • No remakes, only new Classic Trilogy figures never-made-before.

    88 16.09%
  • No Classic Trilogy figures, only prequel figures from now on.

    30 5.48%
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    I took the poll to mean re-releases of the original sculpts, though the question is confusing. I'd like to see the originals rereleased. Packaging them together with the "newest" version would be a good marketing ploy.

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    Actually, the wording in the poll itself changed, but look at Tycho's first post, that's what the poll originally was.

    I believe the poll was for figures in the vintage line that still have not been made in the current POTF2/POTJ lines.
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    I think they should do all the ewoks again. I've seen the Batman line do a four figure gift set. I think 8 ewoks would fit in that box.
    I agree with all of the 15 but wasn't there a Leia in Bespin gown out with the R2-D2 sets?
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    It seems like we almost have every single figure already made from the vintage line, sans the multiple ewoks and some of the others which you guys have already posted.

    Why not make them? I think they (Hasbro) has a market for vintage resculpts. Just how many more Mauls and OB1s can they make?
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    Steve and I worked out what should be the most easily understood responses to the poll question, now.

    I edited my very first post to explain them in detail.

    My second post actually lists the 2 possibilities for vintage redos:

    10 figures, or 15? You choose.

    If you are chosing anything but choice 4 (prequels only), none of the other options means Classic figures stop coming, nor should vintage redos totally preclude any Classic never-made-befores.
    All that's being polled is which ones do you want to be redone.

    Redone means new sculpts, (not resculpts). 1995 Luke Tatooine redid the original stick-figure-like Luke Skywalker that had a lightsaber that slid out of his arm. The one that came with a CommTech and T-16 toy was a resculpt. I can poll for exact copies of Vintage re-releases such as the 1995 Vader-Luke-Han-Chewie pack that came out at a later time. Mention that here, and if I see a lot of support for that sort of thing.... (to those posting that they'd like to get hard-to-find vintage figures like Yakface and figures they are missing from the Droids cartoons).

    Meanwhile, Bespin Leia is done as far as I'm concerned (I liked the Princess Leia collection one) but I know many collectors are not as fond as that one (cloth or packaging reasons, etc.), so I included her in the poll as a possible vintage that has not been 'exactly' redone.

    General Reikeen (who I really, really, really do want) is not a vintage figure being redone. Vintage does not equal Classic. Of course by definition, a vintage figure must also be from the Classic trilogy (in general, or for what we're discussing here). But a Classic figure could also be Herme Odel, and where have you seen that figure except for a custom?

    But the point of this poll was whether you were happy with the level that vintage figures have been redone, do you want 10 more, or because the Death Star Droid from the Sandcrawler was never made, will you not be happy until you have a carded SILVER one?

    Production of these will not hinder General Reikeen or Herme Odel, but are you worried Hasbro will never get a Rebel Soldier in a uniform like Luke's Hoth outfit done? (that would match the vintage one, not a trench grunt).

    I would also like your constructive critique on this poll, and any examples on how you would have clarified the questions.

    I aim to keep on improving them.

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    Now I'm confused.
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    I think if we all had it our way, all the vintage figures would be completly redone and for Hasbro to continue to produce Classic figures never made. There's no question about it! But how do we get Hasbro to do it? I really think we need more Droids, Cantina aliens and Jabba's palace aliens. I would love to see a clear top R2 unit. By the way does anyone know his name?
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    Clear top "R2" droids (the ones you can see through their domes and view circuitry) are actually R3 droids.

    They have lots of names, but I'd guess R3-A1, R3-A2, R3-A3, R3-A4, R3-B1, R3-B2, and so on until I'm at least picturing an R3-Z9.

    The question is what colors do you want?

    ANH had red, blue, and green ones on the Death Star (behind Obi-Wan as he skulked through the halls, and the red one was behind Vader before he decided to use his own TIE fighter in the battle). I'd like all of these.

    ESB - I think Echo Base had an orange R3, also a nice color.

    ROTJ- I don't know if we saw any R3's here. Obviously places would be the Death Star and Home One's hanger.

    But these figures can be made regardless of whether or not all the vintage figures get modernized to match exact specifications.
    So do you think a Blue Snaggletoothe should also be done?

    [in his particular case, according to Sansweet's book, "Kenner" based him on a pic they had of an almost-Snivvian looking alien seen as a Cloud City alien. So while not exact to the vintage design, I would like this figure authentically 'redone.'

    He's about as exciting but useful as Bo Shek will be to diorama builders.

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    Oh and to WOLFWOOD [and everyone] before this turns into a deep conversation about Snivvians and Astromechs,

    I will let this poll run its course, but I figured out a better way to pose this question: in 15 parts.

    They will not be ran back to back, as there are many issues running through the Star Wars community that we will find make for interesting discussions, but eventually I can reach this goal.

    A sample question would show a featured picture of the vintage Death Star Droid, asking "Should Hasbro make this figure?"

    a) Yes, get it out as soon as possible
    b) I am satisfied with the black version
    c) No, make a Classic figure for which no version has been done
    d) No, make figures only from TPM and AOTC

    Another question - more basic as a new version has not been done in any form - would be to show Romba and poll "Should Hasbro make this figure for the modern line?"

    a) Yes, as soon as possible.
    b) No thanks, I prefer other choices for Classic Star Wars.
    c) No, I only want figures now that are from TPM and AOTC.

    There is a vast difference between Romba, and the opinions out there on whether the Vintage Death Star Droid has or has not been redone. Some people really care about the one on the Sandcrawler, others do not.

    If you only collect your figures carded, it is not as simple as "get some paint thinner" or some silver sprayer. And even if you do dioramas like me, you trust Hasbro to do better than your own custom paint job.

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    AHHHHHHH! Too much information! Too many questions! Still confused.

    Whatever it all means, inevitably I'd like to see every stinkin' character committed to plastic in the best way that technology will allow. I prefer the characters that actually bothered showing up in the films first and then with the time and money left over, Hasbro could screw around with extraneous characters from DROIDS, EWOKS, and EU.

    Resculpts are fine if they are a genuinely vast improvement over past sculpts, otherwise screw 'em. Spend time making the characters that have yet to be released in any way so far.

    Who's with me?


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