View Poll Results: To what extent do you want to see all the Vintage Figures redone?

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  • Remake every single vintage version not shown in the modern line.

    224 40.95%
  • Remake just the vintage not shown by any version in the new line.

    205 37.48%
  • No remakes, only new Classic Trilogy figures never-made-before.

    88 16.09%
  • No Classic Trilogy figures, only prequel figures from now on.

    30 5.48%
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    [in his particular case, according to Sansweet's book, "Kenner" based him on a pic they had of an almost-Snivvian looking alien seen as a Cloud City alien. So while not exact to the vintage design, I would like this figure authentically 'redone.'
    Actually, blue Snags was made first, waaaaay back in 1979 when all Kenner had for a reference was a black+white photo of Snags' face from the Holiday Special. They didn't realize he was supposed to be short and they just guessed on the color of his suit. The only thing that puzzles me, why was Lucas so particular about Snags looking accurate but still let that Walrusman slip thru the cracks? Or even the totally inaccurate Greedo? Both of them actually had roles in the movie, Snags just sat in the background!

    Anyways, I agree with stillakid, resculpts are great as long as they are an improvement. Not just the same old figure with a couple of different accesories.

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    Originally posted by bigbarada

    Anyways, I agree with stillakid, resculpts are great as long as they are an improvement. Not just the same old figure with a couple of different accesories.
    WE AGREE on something! :happy:

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    What I don't get is why resculpts got into this discussion?

    I'm talking about figures not available in our modern collection, and I hope you're all not confused about that sort of thing.

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    These poll discussions always manage to get totally off topic.

    Hmmmm, "poll discussions" could be taken couple of different ways. How about "discussions about polls?" Egads that's even worse!!

    Uhhhh, yeah.....make all the figures that haven't been made yet. Yeah.

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    I thought that that is what I said. I want any and all figures not yet made. That inevitably lead to a comment about resculpts, but only as a kind of reinforcement of the decision to want figures not available in our modern collection.

    Did that make sense? I've been up for quite a long time today so the sentences aren't really flowing out of my head so well.

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    Yes, it made sense.

    Now the two choices are running neck and neck.

    Either this is a very controversial issue, or I still have everyone really confused.

    The fact that someone might be erasing their cookiees and voting over and over again occurred to me, but I hope it's not the case. The poll was inspired by my idea that I'd like the collector community to know what a large sample of its members want to see as a whole. Can those who want a Hoth Rebel Deck Officer expect to see one? And is the present Bespin Security Guard satisfying, or do we still want a black one, like in days of old?

    I can admit when I made a mistake, and this is it. There are only 15 possible figures, (I think) so I should slowly poll for each one individually, and take the current results of this poll that's running to mean the community is undecided. They might be split, or they might be confused. A comparison of the results will be interesting,
    but I can't just spend 15 weeks on one pet topic. Other people who visit the site and don't care at all about this issue will get bored. So slowly, we'll have our answer.

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    I get it now. Actually, though, this new incarnation of the poll would need me to change my response. I would vote for the first answer now, and not the second choice.

    The way they were worded originally made the second choice then seem like the first choice now. But I'm not gonna go through the hassle of rechanging my vote by the aforementioned process.

    I figure (no pun intended ), we might as well get all the figures that we can get.
    "Watch this, I'm going to horrify you into a coma..."

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    Exactly WHEN did it make sense?

    Steve and I are trying to figure out the best way to word this.

    When you posted, I had 4 example figures included: SILVER Death Star Droid, Romba, Reikeen, and Amidala.

    It looks like they were removed now (not by me), as it is important to make the poll questions short to fit a format.

    Did you guys require the examples with specific figure styles, or does the poll still make sense now?

    I'm interested in everyones' response.

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    My manufacturer apparently placed a "block" in my head with prohibits my comprehension of this poll.


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