View Poll Results: To what extent do you want to see all the Vintage Figures redone?

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  • Remake every single vintage version not shown in the modern line.

    224 40.95%
  • Remake just the vintage not shown by any version in the new line.

    205 37.48%
  • No remakes, only new Classic Trilogy figures never-made-before.

    88 16.09%
  • No Classic Trilogy figures, only prequel figures from now on.

    30 5.48%
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    The examples were good. That's when it made the most sense.

    Choice 1: Remake all (Romba and Silver DS droid)
    Choice 2: Remake ones that haven't had any incarnation in POTF2/POTJ (Romba)
    Choice 3: Just make new figs of OT characters that haven't been made into figs ever. (Reikee)
    Choice 4: Just E1, E2, E3 figs. (Amidala)

    They way it seemed to be worded originally was as follows.

    Choice 1: Remake just ones that have already been made, but not like they were vintage (i.e. Silver DS droid but NOT Romba)
    Choice 2: Remake ones that haven't been made (Romba)

    The other 2 choices were the same.

    In the middle of the rewording, at some point it sounded as if one of the choices was to release the vintage figs again. (i.e. the TRU 4-pack, vintage figs on new cards)

    The options with the examples were the best in my opinion. Just leave it the way it is now, but put the examples back.
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    Thanks WW. Now I'm getting in. Put me down for Choice #1 and a cup o' joe.

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    Pretty much, Steve didn't want the examples' names put back in because we need the poll responses to be short and simplified.

    I deferred to him, and there is some possibility that examples might still confuse people: Silver Death Star Droid and Romba might sound like those going without an Imperial Dignitary- and that's certainly not what I meant.

    But thank you for your suggestions Wolfwood. If the poll could have been corrected sooner, or if it weren't ending tonight, I would have used them.

    As it stands, I am going to poll each of the 15 figures individually, probably over the next 30 weeks so we can poll other topics of interest, too. I will discuss with Steve, starting with the Death Star Droid, or Blue Snaggletoothe, for Monday's new poll. But we can't stick on my latest 'pet issue' at the expense of other topics. If I don't do the DS Droid on Monday, it will be 1 or 2 weeks after.

    Thank you all for your comments. This has been educational.

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    Ideally what i'd like to see is one sculpt of the vintage versions that was really hot. Figures I've never even seen in the flesh like the Imperial dignitary and the ewoks. But couldn't the army builder figures be made with a head pack in so you can swap the heads if you buy more than one to sort of customise them? I'll take this thought to the appropriate section later.

    I think if there's so few of the vintage figures still remaining it would be a little churlish of hasbro to not redo them in curent style with mucho detail and correct scale and all the rest of it. If it means getting ewoks in a cinema scene or in a mail-in box like this fan club exclusive stormtrooper thing then yes go for it and I'll buy as many as I can lay my hands on.

    What i don't want to see is reissues of vintage figures which I just don't like. "You bought them once now buy them all over again and we'll gladly take your money!!!" okay so there may be a market, a small market for the vintage figures but from what i've seen around the net there are more collectors of new sculpted figures. So that's the way to go. IMO.....

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    Re: To what extent do you want to see all the Vintage Figures redone?

    It's been a long time since we revisted this poll.

    Look what's been achieved for our collections:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    1) Chief Chirpa
    2) Lumat
    3) Warrick
    4) Romba
    5) General Madine
    6) Imperial Dignitary sort of - but Slim Aloo hasn't been made yet
    7) Cloud Car Pilot
    8) Klaatu (actual character name of a forest Nikto from Jabba's Palace)
    9) B-wing Pilot (human)
    10) Blue Snaggletoothe (mistakenly based on a Cloud City Snivvian) who would have thought???
    11) Leia Bespin Gown (carded, only molded)
    12) Hoth Rebel Soldier (TaunTaun handler, or Deck Officer like Vintage)
    13) Bespin Security Guard (black)
    14) Death Star Droid (silver) - see the Sandcrawler exclusive pack-in
    15) Paploo carded (and maybe resculpted -that awaits to be seen)
    Did I forget anyone?

    How many of more from these ideas do you want?

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    Re: To what extent do you want to see all the Vintage Figures redone?

    Well we got a Hoth soldier, but not to the point you described. ANd one thing I noticed is 50% of whats left on the list is Ewoks.
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