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    Clone Wars Value Packs - Wal-Mart Exclusive!!!

    Apperantly we now know who was getting these. Though it's a crying shame that it turned out to be Wal-Mart. The store that basically flipped the middle fingure to Hasbro over Star Wars. I would have been much happier to see them go to Target, TRU, or hell...even KB. But they are supposedly out, so get out there and start hunting.
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    Guess that means I won't be getting any since my Wal-Mart isn't evening getting new basic figures.

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    Well the plus side is if any other retailer like TRU or KB would have gotten these they probably would have sold for around $10. I hope my Wal-Mart expands their SW section from the current 2 pegs wide 4 high format or I'll probably never see them either. I think the only thing they have faith in selling are those blasted lightsabers.
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    thats true man. my wal mart stocks up on lightsabers like they are the greatest thing since whatever was really great. They never get figures. I would say im in trouble. I wont be finding these.
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    Keep hope alive guys. My Wally World finnaly got some newer figs in. I bought a gold mine yesterday, 5 figures. Its a gold mine for 2003 at least.
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    Thats too bad its Walmart, none by me. Not like it matters anyway, I have not found anything in stores in months, maybe almost a year.
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    Hopefully as Christmas shopping starts in full swing,WM will see it fit to actually stock.I agree with you on the lightsabers,WM acts like the sabers are a gift sent from the Retail Gods
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    *reads post*

    *sees price*

    *rushes to Wal-Mart*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hasbro'sBountyHunter
    *reads post*

    *sees price*

    *rushes to Wal-Mart*

    Comes home empty-handed and sad...
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    Yes! It's all true, I found a Yoda/Yellow CT at WM in Anaheim today. Very nice! I'm very happy with this thing, you cant beat the price.

    There weren't any others and it was stashed away in the Lego section. Check those hiding spots!


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