Dear Hasbro,

Notice u have not come out with any 12" for EU characters. I think its time you should release a figure or two. I have a few on my mind now and hope you can give a tot to them :

1. Mara Jade
Many collectors are customising this baby and this shows that she's in popular demand. So, in a business point of view, this fig will make you money and it justify making

2. Grand Admiral Thrawn
He is the man the remnants of the Empire rely on to take back past glories. Person of his status demands a 12" fig.

3. Guri
In the book, she's said to be BEAUTIFUL!! So I want to see her 12" fig. Guys collectors will be queing for her and again in a business point of view, she's a money spinner

Pls give them serious thoughts and I assure you I'll be your first customer if these are to be made