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    My Brilliant Idea

    Ok, my brilliant idea is that Hasbro (since they have the licence for DC comics stuff) should produce a line of strictly Burton Batman movie figures with GOOD likenesses of the actors that would be free of any cyber-ice-strike-projectile-firing-Batman crud like they had for the previous movie lines. Here are the figure's I'd like to see

    Batman w/ various bat-weapons
    Batman w/ ripped off mask and Michael Keaton's face underneath
    Jack Nicholson as the Joker w/ gas mask & machine gun
    Danny DeVito as The Penguin w/ various umbrellas
    Michelle Phieffer as Catwoman w/ bullwhip
    plus-maybe even-it would be nice
    Tim Burton w/ directors chair (c'mon, who wouldn't buy this?)

    Well who's with me? Huh?

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    ooh..a big hurdle is Likeness rights. See, they can make a generic Joker figure and not owe anyone anything (except DC/Warner Bros/AOL's share of the goodies.) but if they make a Jack Nicholson figgie, they must pay him HELLA dough because his Batman contract was for a piddling amount up front and some ungodly percentage of the back end from the movies and toys. It was like 5% to just him. Hasbro don't want to pay Nicholson HELLA dough so no Joker figure. the same is probably true to a lesser extent with the others. But I remember the hubub over Jack's contract like it was yesterday. That man could buy Arizona with what he made on Batman...

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    I'd love to see a real Batman line, but I think I'd prefer nice figures based on the comics. I started a thread about this onthe old forums, and posted a list of some characters I'd like to see.
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    I'd like to see better movie figures of The Riddler (in the green suit,Two Face,Mr Freeze and POISEN IVY(which was really bad)
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    I understand that actors have certain control over their own likenesses, but c'mon, I really want some Batman MOVIE memerobelia. I have the old Joker figure from the vintage Batman line sucks. It looks like Ronald McDonald. It's just terrible.


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