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Thread: Episode 2 Dugs?

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    Episode 2 Dugs?

    Who wants the Episode 2 Dugs made?


    Those two could come in a Dexter's Diner Screen Scene.

    Not sure what the one in the Speeder's name is, but he could come packed with his female Aleenaian date.

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    I'd like to see more from Hasbro out of the Diner sceen. It's a shame that Obi's cook budy had to be such a peg-warmer.
    I was glad when they decided to make WA-7, haven't seen her yet, but she makes for a good figure.
    So yes, I would like to see the Dugs made. It's be actually cool if Hasbro could incorparate this into a screen sceen, with a part of a booth and part of the counter. Throw in the Dugs and a few other patrons along with a seated Diner Obi, that'd rock!
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    Make every darn figure possible, from the guys going on transports to the characters eatin in Dex's diner!!!!!!
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    Yeah it is too bad Dexter was a peg-warmer. He's a great figure too! Way Under-rated. I hate WA-7 but Hermione Bagwa would be neat! Make the Dugs and Rodian civilians too!
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