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    Well I'm getting the army builder 3 packs now because it's the only thing I can find except for the vehicles which I don't want. I'll get the basic figs with the bonus clone trooper if I ever see them. I'm really mixed on these figs. I like the new Kit Fisto and Sith Witch, but can't stand Rambo Yoda and Durge. However, the fact that they are shipping evenly in cases should make them easier to find.
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    I will be getting what I can find and what looks good. I voted other because it will be a little of everything but not everything. The Hailfire is one I have toget along with some figures.
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    Just action figures. I'm not wasting my cash on those clone stautes or repainted vehicles.
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    I have only found the Luke and Darth nothing else!!! What the heck is going on? Some of you are very lucky to be able to get what you want. I still havent seen the 2 packs yet and I have 3 Wally Worlds a Toys R Us and a Target!!!! No luck in any!
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    Find the larger WM's and shop early...generally the larger the store the sooner or greater quantity in shipments they get...

    btw does anyone know if the WM Value Packs are a one shot deal or will they have them for a while...(like until the cartoon starts?!?!)

    just an extra thought.
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    Good question Val, I have no idea but I *hope* they have this stuff around till the cartoon takes off, it wouldn't make sense to let it disappear before that.

    I myself am getting Dlx Durge on swoop and the Hailfire Droid and Geonosian Fighter, so I said "vehicles". I'm afraid nothing particularly interests me in this line though, it's not my style.

    Are you guys going to collect this stuff and add it with your regular SW figures or treat it as a totally separate entity?
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    I voted pretty much "everything", but would like to add, pretty much everything I can afford. There are a few ships that are a bit high priced for me at the moment. I've still got a case or two of saga figures on backorder, plus a case of the unleashed. I'll wait until those come around before I commit to anything at the stores.
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    I picked other and here's why. I'll get the figures (got my first one yesterday with Anakin!) and the three-pack army builders (already have the destroyer set).

    I will probably wait until the ships are clearanced out after the holidays before (if at all) getting them. The Jedi starfighter is cool but I have four of the AOTC version, two TPM AATs and one Republic gunship. It just comes down to money.

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    Although I put "Everything," all I'm really interested in are the basic 3-3/4" figures, the Durge w/ Speeder Bike and Clone Trooper w/ Speeder Bike (which are considered vehicles), and the Jedi Army 3-pack. The larger vehicles I have no room for (although I'm tempted to get Anakin's Starfighter, because it's not just a repaint of the AOTC Jedi Starfighter--which I didn't buy, anyway), and the Clone and Droid 3-packs bore me. I really wish Hasbro were making Clone Wars versions of more of the Jedi (especially Aayla Secura and Shak Ti), as well as a version of Count Dooku to go along with Asajj Ventress (maybe give him a cloth cape like the POTJ Lando, and without any idiotic action features for once!). Otherwise, I just hope I can find these things at retail, or I'll be changing my vote to "Nothing," too.
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    All I'm really interested in are the action figures. I already have a Gunship and a JS and don't need a repainted rehash. I also want a Deluxe Clone Biker Scout 'cause I missed that one the first time through. The 3-packs are a waste of $ at their current price. Maybe if they were $5 or so I'd get one if I could find one.
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