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  • It's my favorite SW movie

    22 4.44%
  • I love it as much as some of my other favorite movies

    143 28.89%
  • It was better than at least several of the SW films

    65 13.13%
  • It was better than Episode One

    218 44.04%
  • It brought everything down another notch

    31 6.26%
  • It sucked

    16 3.23%
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    How do you feel about Episode 2 now?

    Long after the movie's left theaters, and the DVD release hype has passed,
    how do you feel about Episode 2?

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    It's still my favorite, thanks for asking.

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    It was allright! to many special effects!
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    I still don't personally own it on DVD but I still love watching it when I can on cable. I'm still up in the air whether or not I would call this movie my favorite but it's definately a contender.
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    I guess this movie was alright, if not compared to the original trilogy. The only thing that really turned me off about this movie was Anakin's behavior. For 90% of the movie, he acts like a brat, then suddenly Amidala is in love with him, and by the end of the movie, they're married! And they limited that to a 30 second scene!They should've built upon their relationship more, made it more gradual, as it really is the basis for the whole storyline.

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    I liked it better than Episode one, but it's not greater than the the originals. I still feel the same way I did about it then as I do now, but with less enthusiasm for the film. That is, I like watching it, but I don't get that same thrill when I watch it now.
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    I liked it, and I think it built nicely on the groundwork laid in Episode 1.

    As for Anakin's whiney behaviour, nice to see like father, like son
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    I'm not as fond of it as I once was, and to be honest I now feel that I prefer The Phantom Menace. Unlike all the other Star Wars movies I don't feel like I can watch AOTC again, and again, and again as much as I can with TPM and the other movies. It's still an enjoyable movie, but not as enjoyable now that it has settled down into the Star Wars universe.

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    I have to agree with Pendo. After watching the DVD once or twice I'm just not into it like the other flicks. I can't watch the whole thing anymore, just the action sequences. After finally watching the commentary a month ago I got really turned off. Boy did it blow big time. Too much Ricky-dick, Pablo and the gang and not enough GLu and Burtt: the only two interesting ones in the whole bunch.
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    I feel the same as JBF. I like it better the Episode 1, but it doesn't come close to the OT. I love the OT, and had EP I & II came out when I was a kid, I can't say that I'd like Star Wars as much as I do now. I think George Lucas got a little to old before he made TPM and AOTC. Whhen he made the OT everything was fresh and exciting, or maybe I've just become old and my visions of what I thought the first two movies would be like don't match what we got.
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