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    Cool At last, new figures!(plus, a hello from a new user)

    Hey guys and gals!

    First of all, let me say its great to finally communicate with fellow Star Wars fanatics like myself. I'm 23(will be 24 on the 28th), and I've been a Star Wars freak as long as I can remember. I had everything(toy related) up to around 98, then like an IDIOT I decided to stop collecting, and sell my entire collection in an effort to 'grow out of it'.

    Then, in 99(yeah, a whole year later ), I realized its ok to be a adult, and collect toys. The Episode 1 figures changed my mind I guess(yes, I happen to love both prequels). Anyway, now on to today. The other day while in Wal-Mart, I found new figures at last. The last figures I found was SC Anakin, and factory chase Padme.

    I must say I'm VERY satisfied with my new finds Here is my quick reviews....

    SNOWTROOPER-Fantastic sculpt!!!! It totally dwarfs the potf2 ST in quality. My only complaints, is the stupid RED laser, and I would have been excited over ball jointed shoulders, but hey the rest of it makes up for it. RANK:9

    WAT TAMBOR-Great figure in my opinion. It definitely lacks in the articulation department, but this character really doesn't require it. Looks awesome in a war room diorama, and that's really all I could ask for RANK:9

    COLEMAN TREBOR-WOOOOOW, I font think I have any complaints what so ever. This truly is a image of what Star Wars figures are about, and the reason I fell in love with them. Perfect sculpt, perfect articulation, no action feature, just perfect IMO. rank:10+

    LT. DANNI FAYTONNI-Yet another great example of a great SW action figure. GREAT articulation, great base/display piece(although I had a time getting the table to pop into the floor piece). Again, no action feature, or button which I'm always grateful for. The only thing I see wrong is the head. I think the face is pretty accurate, but the hair seems a bit too much, and not all that close. RANK:9

    HAN SOLO HOTH-VVVVVVVVVVVery nice!!!!!!!!! This one puts the original to shame!!!! Super great accessories, and all around great sculpt. Also, he can ride a Taun Taun PERFECTLY!!!!! Now all I need is a extra Taun Taun(I heard there is one coming out in a gift set familiar to the ultimate bounty set?) RANK:10

    I also found the new Emperor( ), Jedi Luke, Mynock Chewie,and Boba, but passed on them all do to their appearances. The emperor is pathetic, I cant for the life of me see how it was approved.

    Well, anyway, I hope to discuss SW with everyone here now, and I'm very glade to meet you all. :happy:

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    Let me be the first to welcome you!! someone should be along shortly to give out the complientary basket of goodies..

    I had both the snowtrooper and Han in my hand.. but then saw the boba carkoon and the war chamber.. decisions decisions.. needless to say, my war room scene and boba look real good on my shelf right now..

    they all look great in my opinion..

    anyhow, welcome again, and Happy Birthday a bit early!

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    wow Thanks alot!!! Hey where do you find the scene packs at? I found the trash sets easy at Wal-Mart, but now they dont carry anything but figures and sabers.


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    Welcome aboard dude. Hope you enjoy it here. Anyways I wish I could find those figures. I just found the red battle droid wave and all. Hopefully I will own those by 2010.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you here.

    About your screen can try other stores or meet a nice trader like myself and trade me for what you need. I would have taken one of each of the figures you passed on. And I still need the leuitenant, emperor, coleman, wat, WA-7 (waitress), yoda and chian, ashla and jempa, aayla secura, barriss offee, padme wedding, and maul repack. Let me know if you want to work a trade. (I need the figures mint on near mint or mint cards please.) My email is If anyone else sees this and wants to trade figures for screen scenes, let me know! Thanks!

    Anyways...welcome aboard...I hope you have fun here!
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    If you haven't already, check out the "photo gallery" and then "members collections", I'm sure you'll see a lot of cool collections there! I love seeing other members collections and how they display them. Well, welcome! As you'll notice in my avatar, I'm a Tusken Raider and I also have a set of Stormtrooper armor. Enjoy your stay at SSG, cause you can never leave!
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    Yeah, welcome my friend. I havent been here very long compared to most of these folks, but they are good people. If you need to trade, have people help you get figures, or just have a question, they can help.

    Those were killer findings. I have had all that stuff pre ordered since perhaps the beginning of civilization and still havent got it, and your finding em all in stores. Thats great. and I hate you

    I kid.
    nice findings. my names keith and if I can ever help you, let me know
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    Wow, you made quite a catch. I found my screen scenes at Target but be prepared to pay when you see them. I dont know how hard they are to find either. I only seen two sets and i picked up one and never saw the others again. But i hope you enjoy the forums.
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    Thanks alot guys, you all seem super cool. WOW you all have some great collections in those pictures!!!! I love looking at others collections and displays as well, very neat.

    Something about action figures really makes me feel good.

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    It's great that you found new figures. It's hard to be a collector and not be able to find them!
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