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    Smallville Season 3

    Starts Oct. 1st on the WB. Wednesdays 8/7c.
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    Yup. And they HAD to put it on opposite Star Trek.

    Well, here's testimony to this show: I'll be taping Smallville on Wednesdays and waiting until Sunday for Enterprise (if I'm not going to be home - if not I'll tape Enterprise and watch Smallville live!)

    Smallville's just the best! Yup.

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    Yeah Tycho thats exactly the way I'm doing it too. Smallville seems to always get put up against another show I watch. Last year it was 24 but luckily both shows repeated, Smallville was on again on Sunday and 24 was on multiple times on FX. Is Smallville going to re-play on Sunday's this season? I read somewhere the WB was doing a Smallville: Beginnings show and figured that must be a new title for the re-airing of previous seasons but I'm not sure.
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    Today I got the Season 1 DVD set! Haven't watched it yet (I'm in a Western phase where I need to view Wyatt Earp and Tombstone multiple times) but I'll crack them open in the next day or so.

    Supposedly a week from today is the season premier! (I thought it was today but I'll chance watching Star Trek instead).

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    Well, the season opener wasn't the best episode I've ever seen....

    But Lana looked hot.

    It started good. But part 2 will be better.

    I think it's kind of silly giving Jonathon Clark's powers. But maybe this will work out. Who knows?

    What did you guys think?

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    I enjoyed the episode, but it definately had that "part 1" feel to it. Once I see part 2 I guess I'll know better. I kinda liked the Jonathan thing. It gave it more of that comic book feel that Smallville lacks most of the time. I'm still more interested in Lex's story than Clarks, so next week should be a good one.

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    Yea I do think it is kinda silly giving Johnathan powers. It gives that whole "making the story richer than it should be feeling" That is the problem with prequels alot of times. Even SW gives me that feeling. The back story isn't that intertesting that is why they started where they started, otherwise they would have started with where the prequels were. Now granted Superman's back story in Smallville was introduced but it was never intended to be put in the light that SMALLVILLE the show did. Still like the show alot but sometimes stuff like this is "far fetched" for the story itself. But man did anyone have a noggin scratcher of what was going on with Lex on that island. SOmetimes I couldn't figure out what was real when CLark was popping up back home too. What was the deal with the Kents losing their farm all of a sudden right towards the end there? Stuff like that is introduced right at the beggining of the show. Or there are indications of it leading up to it. That is why I didn't think it was real. I wonder how this series premiere eps are going to set the tone for the rest of the season?
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    This ep didn't do it for me. Basically, they've made Clark into a drug addict and it didn't seem reasonable given his character in the first 2 seasons. Also, Jonathan's powers was a HUGE step away from the core concept of the show, very disappointing. Honestly, with the Kent's farm being foreclosed upon in this opener, Lex's wife turning out to be a shallow shopping addict, and the previous stuff mentioned, this ep really felt like a nosedive.
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    Tonight's episode was much better.

    I really liked the resolution to the Lex and Helen issue, though I'm sorry to see such a hottie have to leave the show (though she'll be back I'm sure. Just less frequently).

    Mr. Edge: does he look like Jerry Springer or what? I doubt he was killed, but they creatively blocked him from talking to Lionnel Luthor. Yet it's hard to believe that Lionnel doesn't know the source of the blood, as well. Really. Like he was blind before (yeah, right). He fakes ignorance while he consolidates knowledge.

    I didn't like Clark trying to separate himself from Lana. She's his dream. Would he rather spend his days hanging Kent Family Farms signs all over the hay fields? Lana was ready to take him back right there, and Clark acted like an idiot.

    Where was Pete during this episode anyway?

    If I was Clark, I'd just tell Lana my secret already. She'll have to deal with it for a month or more to be realistic, but then she'll take Clark back as her lover and her hero.

    I love Kristen Kruek so much that I wince when I see her cry!

    Meanwhile, John Schneider was awesome as Jonathon Kent. I was a fan of the Dukes of Hazard but always thought the sherrif deputies got the best on screen moments. In Smallville, John proves he can really act. He might not be as complicated as the Luthors, but man does he bring a lot to this show.

    Hmm. What else? Lana never deals with having killed someone. She's kicked butt before, but never realized a mortal strike like this one. That wasn't necessary to address? I guess not. Reminded me of Legends of the Fall in that one scene though (the pitch fork sticking through the dude's chest). I don't recall, but they might've done that in The Firm, also.

    Anyway, a good show tonight. Not the best, but far from the worst.
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    Ditto on what Tycho said.

    But I found it humorous at the end when Lex says,
    "I just want to be part of the family." and everyone is smiling and having a grand old time and I am laughing hysterically
    because of what it all means.....

    Oh, and I like the Smallville Movers logo.:happy:
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!


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