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    KEBco shipments?

    Hey. I just wanted to ask you guys if any of you have been sent any new stuff from kebco. I have a ton of stuff pre ordered. most that has been released in stores.

    case A008 containing coleman trebor
    All cinema scenes
    and I am a member of the one of every figure club
    and had army builders ordered

    I have yet to recieve any of it. I was wondering what you all have got, or if you have got anything at all. I should have a ton of stuff, but I got nothing. are any of you getting shipments from them, or are the being slow to you too
    scooby-wan kadoobie

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    Still waiting for my figures over here. I ended up cancelling part of my pre-order since I'd found those figs at retail.

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    Thats so stupid. When you join the one of every figure club, in part of its rundown it says that kebco gets things in as quick if not quicker than other stores. Whatever. I like the place, great prices, nice people, to damn slow. and when you cancelled your pre order, you couldnt get back the 50% you had already paid could you tagmac?
    If they sent quicker, they would be the best site.
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    It's not their fault though, Keithfite. It's HASBRO'S fault for not sending them the stuff quicker. Usually they are earlier than most stores, but in some cases, they aren't. Here is what it says on their site about that wave:

    The Coll 2 A008 wave has been cancelled by Hasbro. This will delay filling the following figures until September : Lama Su and Clone Boy, Barriss Offee, Aayla Secura, Yoda and Chian, Ashla and Jempa, Padme Wedding Dress, Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor, Darth Maul Classic, Princess Leia Classic and Han Solo Classic. There are two new waves due in September that include these same figures and all Pre-Orders for these figures will be filled at that time.

    I guess i'm the only one who has patience though.
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    yeah. You are very patient. I know its not there fault, and that particular case wasnt bothering me the most. cinema scenes and army builders were never cancelled. Why they arent shipping is what bothers me. I spend hundreds of dollars every month in pre orders and got nothing to show for it.
    They are my favorite site, and I will always be a member of the one of every figure club and one of every cinema scene club. Its just too good. It makes it so no matter how rare or hard something is to get, youll get it. I guess I should channel the hate towards hasbro. Its always there fault. I just sent you a private message awhile ago guyute.
    yeah, I love kebco, I just wondered if anyone was getting anything.
    the only thing that is strange, if hasbro sends all these other sites new stuff, why not kebco. I have dealt with kebco for awhile now. and I have never gone this long without getting stuff. But, if hasbro wont send it to them. Oh well. just thought I would check and see how every one else was doing with there orders.
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    I only cancelled 6 of the figures I found in Target, so I ended up losing $16 in the end. Considering what those figs would have cost me from dealers, I'm probably still ahead. I don't remember who I spoke to, but he was very understanding about the whole thing. If it hadn't been for Has-blow cancelling and short-shipping case assortments, there wouldn't have been any issues.

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    Kebco only got 30% of their Cinema Scenes order. They were only able to fill the case orders first.

    They should be getting more in....even when I ordered them from Amazon they pushed my Cinema scenes back to Oct 10-20.....At least I got a real person at Kebco and they gave me an honest answer!
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    They are all very cooperative. I usually talk to Ken I believe. Helps every time I need it. I didnt realize hasbro wasnt sending them so much different stuff. It just makes me mad we're not getting stuff, but your all right. Its hasbros fault. I need to send them a letter
    But I will be patient. Thanks to Master Guyute for being the voice of action figure reason
    I am just mad none of us are getting figures, whoevers fault that may be. Hasbro, magical turtles, or whatever evil mind is behind it all `

    someone needs an a** kicking
    scooby-wan kadoobie

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    I was lucky to be one of the customers that did get they're Coleman Trebor and Wat Tambor wave figures, but I've yet to receive any Clone Wars or Cinema Scene stuff. I noticed 2 new charges to my account which I just enquired about, so with any luck they've sent something else. My last box from them was huge, and I don't mind waiting to save shipping costs. They are really good at getting back to you when you email them with questions - and think of all that gas money you're saving!

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    I just spoke on the phone with the people of kebco. They said this is one of the slowest shipping years theres been. They have only recieved I think he said 40% of their stuff they have ordered.
    So, this deffinatly explains why things are shipping slow. and to think, I got mad and impatient. I forgot we were dealing with hasbro here.I cant believe hasbro wont send this stuff to Kebco. Like I said, it makes them deliver slower. and its not there fault as we have all said, but it makes me mad. Brians toys and action-hq get there figures quick, and charge a TON FOR THE FREAKIN THINGS. But then Kebco who will sell them to us the cheapest, they dont send too. Its strange. oh well, I just thought I would tell you all that I talked to them and they are still fighting the good fight. Lets hope the stupid pieces of s.... I mean hasbro can start sending them stuff
    scooby-wan kadoobie


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