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    Well put, Mr Basker.

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    Arrow now that we have seen the advanced scans of.....

    slave I and the jedi star fighter, is it hoping way to much, that hasbro might indeed have plans for micro machines or action fleet of these (as well as possibly other) new ships?

    a few die-cast guys would be nice too

    has anyone heard of any aotc mm's at all?
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    Re: C'mon - give us Micro Machines collectors a break

    well here we are.....4 1/2 years later

    and still nothing, nada

    i appreciate the new titanium line, but fercrissakes as much as us die hards like the cast (metal and plastic) lines, they never sold well the 1st time around, and now you go and make them exclusives to boot !!??!!

    the target plastic cast exclusives, are all of ships that were already produced several times (with the exception of the b-wing, this was only available previously as an extremely rare x-ray), so i'm sure these are flying off the shelf .

    the walmart exclusives, the metal titaniums, the revenge of the sith additions to the die cast line are very welcome, in fact, i have yet to be able to find these particular toys, becuase they are indeed scooped up rather quickly , however, the remainder of the line, the classic ships, these die casts were released, and re-released many times by galoob. instead of wheeling out the already sold to death toys, provide new ones, from episode 1, the mtt, anakin pod racer, and naboo fighter were all produced but never released, attack of the clones, not a single fricken die cast was released form this movie.

    and as for the heart and soul of the old galoob line, action fleet and micro machines, how about hasbro, you ever gonna consider these at all?
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    Re: C'mon - give us Micro Machines collectors a break

    Preach it, brother! Send the message down their throats! We want more, we want better, we want true Micro Machines!!!
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