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    Checking in on the SA Clone Trooper (#41)

    Good job Hasbro! I won't blunt the kudos by saying "it's about time we get a well articulated troop-builder". This is about as good as I expect in the 3 3/4" line. I hope you all shipped a lot of these. Troop formations require a lot of troops.
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    Re: Checking in on the SA Clone Trooper (#41)


    I agree this is a very nice figure. I am still hoping for a SA Clone with the Blue "Death Squad" armor from when Anakin storms the Jedi Temple, that scene was nice!!
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    Re: Checking in on the SA Clone Trooper (#41)

    Guys, please keep the spoilers out of this forum for the next few days!

    And Hasbro, shipping full cases of these guys wouldn't be a bad idea. I've seen a bazillion Wookiee Warriors, but no Clones yet.
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    Re: Checking in on the SA Clone Trooper (#41)

    I fully agree. This is an outstanding figure.
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    Re: Checking in on the SA Clone Trooper (#41)

    It may be a great fig, but where are all the color variations!!! WE should have been FLOODED with clones!!!

    Cody's Commandos-ORANGE + Cody himself!
    Bly's Brigade-YELLOW + Bly himself (Though we are getting a close approximation of him in the Evolutions line
    Commander Gree (Green Clone Commander on Kashyyyk-he best paint scheme IMHO)
    Palpatine's Shock Troopers-RED with pinstripes on helmet
    Anakin's Legion-BLUE

    I think there's a couple others, but the above ones would be a great start!!!
    All of the above with the exception of Commander Cody use the exact same clonetrooper sculpt, just different paint schemes. And for Cody, you just need a new paint scheme, different helmet (should be removable of course, since it was in the movie), inserted backpack (look like it could be wings for aerial deployment) and the shoulder antennae.

    Also, make the variant clone trooper that had the "3 bubbled" mask. (That's the best way to describe it) It seems like they are the combat medics-though I could be wrong, but that's the impression I got when watching the movie (and I've seen it already 14 times, BTW)

    Oh and make the Kashyyyk Swamp Troopers!! (Like the biker scouts)

    Basically you get 8 different clones, with only three head swaps (basic, Cody, 3 bubble). Add in the Swamp troopers and you'll make us all nearly satisfied...(Though you could also throw in the Red garbed snowtroopers seen killing Ki-Adi Mundi!)

    Bring on the CLONES!!!
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    Re: Checking in on the SA Clone Trooper (#41)

    Please make all of these Clones, each of those colored Clones I will buy a set of 5 plus a commander. If you ask me that makes me and Hasbro both happy.


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