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Thread: Clone Wars Yoda

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    Clone Wars Yoda

    I'm shocked. Utterly shocked. On my break today at work, Target by the way, I found a Clone Wars Yoda. Not just one, but 4...and an Arc Trooper.
    I was just floored. I didn't even know they were out yet, let alone that Target would have anything remotely new. I expect hell to be freezing over any time now...

    BTW the figure is pretty nice. He's got a ****** off expression, and he just looks like he's ready to kick some ***! His hover chair accesory is kinda dull though. Oh well, the package looks nice too...stands out amoung the rest of my collection.

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    I found them two days ago. I believe I was one of the first to get the non-value pack versions. The new Yoda is better than I thought. However when I first saw it on the net I thought Hasbro should have been embarassed of themselves, but with R2 factorty flight and Palpy. You can't complain much about the Yoda. OR maybe you can. Hasbro seems to be in a major regression this year.
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    Shouldn't this be on the Clone Wars thread, not Saga???
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    My Target got 2 cases of these things in last Monday. I grabbed one of each. When I came back the next day they were pretty much gone.
    I woulnd't have thunk it but they sold 8 Anakins in a day, wow!
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    Has anyone else noticed the paint error on the Clone Wars Yoda's lightsaber? Only the bottom 2/3 of the handle is painted. The top 1/3 (near the blade) is left unpainted. At least, that's how the one I have is, and so were all the ones in the Clone Wars Value Packs at my local Wal-Mart today.
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    I found a Yoda and two Anakins in KB today, but I left them. They didn't have any ARC Troopers, and since I already pre-ordered them from Entertainment Earth, it was useless to only get the two.

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    The Targets near me...

    have stocked and restocked the CW figures already. What I was stoked about was them FINALLY stocking the Yoda/Chian wave. I completely missed out on them until about 2 weeks ago when they started popping up. The 12" Lando wave is starting to warm the pegs here as well. I figured they would eventually make a long and drawn-out appearance. Now we just need the 12" Plo Koon.
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    Found Yoda today and I like it quite a bit.
    One of the coolest looking Yodas I think, and the Hoverchair is a great stand.

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    Found all three of this first round at KB (Ani, Arc & Yoda). I must say that they look great. I look forward to seeing more of these clone wars figures.

    I still can't believe I already have thes. Recently bumped into Boba, Chewie, Han (finally ) but have yet to see the yoda & younglings...

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    I'm sorry to say that I passed on all of the Clone Wars figs, even the ARC trooper. The Anakin looked totally accessorized and although had a great expression he didn't move money out of my pocket.
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