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    We need some Lego Tauntauns !

    I was browsing FBTB the other night and I noticed their top 5 list of Legos wanted. I'm in love with the idea of a Tauntan set !

    I'd go for a bigger set with 2 Tauntauns, Luke, Han, a Wampa, and lots o' cool white bricks to make a lair for Wamps . . . and maybe even some Lego-bones for his dinner?

    Come on Lego !

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    I agree, and also Dewbacks & Sandtroopers.

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    I asked Lego about this a few years ago, and they said it was a possibility, though nothing so far has come of it. However, another of the items on the possible list was Jabba...
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    Exclamation Hoth Set

    YEs - Tauntauns as part of a Hoth set much like the new Bespin one.

    Lots of white bricks for trenches and tunnels. The sheidl generators. Bacta tank/Medic room. Two Tauntauns. Hoth Han minifig!!!

    OK - got a little excited. I really do believe this could easily be the coolest set ever and one I could justify spending $100.

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    Well I've been thinking about this one and I'm not sure how I want Lego to do Tauntauns. For me its not a matter of weather I want them or not, but how their done. I not sure if I'd prefer a one piece Tauntaun like the Lego horse or Kaadu. Or more like the dragon or elephant that have a little more assembly to them. The Kaadu turned out well, so there might be hope in that rout. But I'd like some movement to the Tauntaun. On the other hand Jabba the Hutt leaves much to be desired my opinion. And if the Tauntaun ends up like Jabba I'd rather not have any.
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    I thought the Kaadu was an excellent solution to such a problem. Scale wise I would have to believe that they are about the same. A nice detail would be a detachable horn with peg, but otherwise I'd be fine with them being one complete piece.

    Regardless, this is THE set I would like to see produced. It could be in the cards with the re-release of the snowspeeders....

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    What about a Lego tauntaun with removable Lego guts? That would be the clincher.
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    Just as long as it's not like the giant Yoda lego set. Are you talking about small tauntauns that the lego Luke and Han could sit on/in?
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    Re: We need some Lego Tauntauns !

    Of course, Frett !

    Still waiting on these and I hope they are considered for the very near future.

    Now I'm thinking about a medium sized set for "Wampa Attack" with bricks to build a small cave, face-scratched Luke which can be hung upside down in the ice, Tauntaun for Luke and of course a Wampa.

    I would be fine if the Tauntaun was done like the Kaadu and for the Wampa I want it to have a basic preformed frame to it with some spots where we add on little white pieces to fluff him up and make him look more layered and bulkier.

    And then I suggest at least one small set with basically just a Hoth Han and his Tauntaun.

    I'm thinking along the lines of the Jabba series with one main set and at least one add-on of the Han set . . . if they want to do another companion, then I would be all in favor of a small medical room with Diaper Luke, FX-7, and 2-1B.

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    Re: We need some Lego Tauntauns !

    Add my name ot the petiton for these beasts. If the make them the same way as the Dewback from MEC, they wont look as bad.
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