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    The Flash (Aka WB Plans to Butcher Another Classic DC Character!)

    I know many of you like Smallville, and some of you liked Birds of Prey while it lasted. But the following sounds like complete crap. The classic 1990's CBS TV-Series sounds better then this pile of dung. How can Marvel's characters get so many decent adaptions in films and cartoons, but everything DC turns into a joke. Without the classic scarlet speedster costume, this sounds like a lame "Quantum Leap" rip-off. What's next, "Touched by a Wonder Woman".
    The WB has ordered a pilot for a new series based on DC Comics' “fastest man alive," according to this Friday morning Variety story by Josef Adalian.

    Todd Komarnicki, one of the many producers on the Will Ferrell “Elf” movie due in November, will script the "Flash" pilot.

    Unlike the 1990 CBS version, the new “Flash” will feature a speedster who never dons the comic-book character’s skintight scarlet running suit.

    Like the comics’ current Flash, Wally West, the new TV Flash will learn that he is only the latest in a long line of Flashes.

    According to the Variety piece, the Flash will each week be sent on a time-travel mission to the past or the future. (The comic-book Flash can travel through time too – with the help of a handy "cosmic treadmill" – but he doesn’t do it in every issue!)

    If the series goes forward, it'll likely debut about a year from now.
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    Or how about "Everybody Loves Martian Manhunter".

    Can't believe the network execs think this will go over well. So the thing to do now is to take only the name of the superhero or peoples in the comic and completely redo it. I have not been a fan of any of the recent DC TV adaptations and this one sounds like another flop. Didn't they learn from "7 Days"? That was a time travel show as well and it didn't do all that well.
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    And this is bad how? I mean,how many times have they had Wally travel through time in the comic? Or how many times has Max Mercury traveled through time? Same thing when you sit and think about it.

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    I'll take the ol' CBS series, that was way more fun than this sounds, and had Mark Hamill doing his Joker impression as a baddie. Warner is dumb.
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    Bring back John Westley Shipp for this!! He will be the only flash!!!! Will to be on TV, that is!
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    They already have The Flash on the WB. It's Clark Kent, who doesn't fly yet.
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    Dear Warner Brothers,

    As a longtime fan of the Flash, I have come up with a novel and revolutionary way to make money from putting him on television.

    I propose you don't pour money into a new series, and just release the old series in its entirety on DVD! While I know that this is not quite Star Wars or The Transformers: The Movie as far as the rabid fan base goes, I can guarantee that droves of fans will watch it.

    Face it, the old series was not cost effective. We all know it. A series with a weekly budget higher than the gross national product of 75% of the world's nations combined simply cannot float for long. This is a golden opportunity to get a return on the investment already made.
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    what is up with the trend of "he's a super-hero, but he doesn't wear a costume" crap????

    i can't even say anymore stuff...

    there is no... emoticon... for what i am feeling!!!
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    Its all about the costume, sometimes the clothes do make the man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthvyn
    what is up with the trend of "he's a super-hero, but he doesn't wear a costume" crap????
    Yeah, this is really getting stale. Birds of Prey was pretty annoying that way, but it's going over the top here. I think it's trying to re-humanize the idea of a superhero, a trick to add intimacy to the hero for the audience. Personally, it's just not going to fly with me. (if you'll pardon the pun )
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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